Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Passing the Halloween Mantle onto the Next Generation.

   I have had people ask me , "You did not have many Trick or Treaters this year, why would you go all out on your decorations like that?".
   My buddy, Mantan Calavarus from the Voodoo-Ghoul blog said it best in a comment he left on one of my posts :

"If I can traumatize just one child, and scare them down the road to Halloweenerdom, I feel it's all worth it."

   I would do it all over again, and then some, even if I knew I only had one kid coming for treats. If I don't share my love of Halloween with others, they may never know the joy and fun it has to truly offer.
   I think I have done just that in the form of my Goddaughter :

   She was the only kid to even dare hop over in the cemetery with me for pictures this year. Even though she was dressed like a kitty cat, she still hissed and growled at the other TOTs as they walked by. Instead of being deathly afraid of all the creepy stuff going on, she was thrilled and delighted. Her father told me she begged to drive by any time they were in my neighborhood to see the cemetery at night. I think I will have a little curly headed helper in the Halloweens to come.
   I hope all of the Halloween enthusiast that frequent my page are doing the same to pass on this cherished holiday to the generations of the future. Not just the treats, or scary movies, or stupid inflatable ghosts that most associate with Halloween. I'm talking about the thrilling, creepy, excitement that only Halloween can offer those that truly embrace it. Allowing others to see, feel, and even smell the joy that only Autumn can bring. There is real magic in the Autumn lands of Halloween....all you have to do is search for it.

   I think we have reached one young soul, and I hope we reach many more in the years to come.

Miranda passing on the Halloween knowledge.... or maybe it's just a brain.


  1. Excellent! [She say's rubbing her hands together like Monty Burns on 'The Simpsons']

  2. I agree with ya. I love seeing how the kids react to everything.

  3. Sweet! There's always one kid willing to pass beyond the veil and join the scary side.

    Truth to tell, this really inspired me to put in a-lot more effort on next years haunt.

    cheers boss,

  4. Excellent post and a very pretty kitty/girl. I hope to pass on the blessings and fun of both Halloween and Samhain to my girls and to as many others as possible.

  5. Right on! I think the kiddies of today are missing out on all the fun we used to have at Halloween.

  6. Agreed! With the big snow storm that hit the northeast this year the day before Halloween, trees were taken down, power was lost (for 5 days at my house), and there was some damage to props to boot.

    With all the power lines strewn around and trees blocking roads and sidewalks, we only had two ToTs this year...and they just happened to be driving by in their car with their mom and saw me lighting my torches.

    Despite that, I still got into costume this year and made sure I was at my house just in case some kids did come by (the rest of my family had fled for warmer climes at relatives homes). So I feel I was rewarded by the two ToTs that did show up.

    I also had two neighbors stop by that I never spoke with before who just wanted to say they and many other neighbors on the block appreciated the displays I set up every year (I'm the only house on the block with ANY decorations).

    So the efforts don't go unnoticed, and like you said, perhaps it will provide to some child the same joy and wonderment we had at Halloween when we were young.


  7. Little Gothic - ;)

    BeWitchy - same here. Wish I had something like this going on when I was little.

    Mantan - Glad to hear it buddy! I guess we inspire each other ;)

    Vivienne - You should have no problems passing that mantle on ;)

    merricat - thank you!

    Adsila - I agree. I think most don't even realize it.

    Rich - Well said! Thanks for that comment. Talk about inspiring!


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