Friday, November 25, 2011

The best way to alleviate Christmas Decoration stress is to buy yourself a gun.

    As you start to decorate for Christmas (or Creepmas), you will undoubtedly run into lighting problems. When you are at your wits end, grab yourself a gun!
    NO NOT THAT KINDA GUN! This one!

   Yes I know it is not a gun, but it sure looks like one. Just trust me when I tell you this thing will save you so much time and effort. 
    Here is the scenario. I was up on the roof, putting up the 5th strand of icicle lights when the 3rd strand just shut off. I checked and prodded but could not find out what was wrong:

   I was not a happy camper. I was about to tell M to run to Walhell and get another strand when I recalled I had bought this tool last year on sale. She grabbed it and threw it up on the roof. In a matter of seconds the lights were fixed and I was back in action. All things said, the tool was able to fix 2 strands of icicle lights, a wreath, 5 regular lights strands and 2 net lights. Talk about a stress free decorating. Here is a little video showing the tool in action, and it WORKS! 

    I know there are many Halloween fans that use light strands in their haunts or for their parties. This tool would be perfect for that too.
    I hope everybody had a great Thanksgiving. We certainly did here at the Wicked Woods. Absolutely the best Thanksgiving of my life. My mother even commented that they seem to get better every year. Let's hope that trend holds true going forward!
    One thing I realized last night was that Lilly is not a Thanksgiving/Christmas cat. She was moody and uninterested all night :

   We dressed her to reflect her mood :

   She decided to sleep through Thanksgiving dinner :

   She did manage to keep one evil eye focused on the roasting Turkey smothered in garlic and sage butter.

  My mom was able to get her out of her bad mood by hand feeding her half the turkey. Lilly is 100% a Halloween cat.
  Archie is the Christmas cat. I honestly have never seen an old, crotchety, 18 year old cat act more like a kitten then when we drag the tree out. It's always been my tradition to put the tree up on Thanksgiving night. Archie was full of turkey, and full of the Christmas spirit.

   When he was not running around like a kitten, or chasing Lilly like 40 going north, he was guarding his tree. 

   This will be Archie's home base for the next month as makes his own fortress out of Christmas presents. He even went so far as to do his famous impersonation of Christmas tree lights:

   Truly a holiday to remember. We did not get into the Black Friday insanity. We decided we would just stay at the house and go insane in the comfort of our own home!

     Can't wait for Creepmas! Have a great weeKEnD yall! 


  1. Oh, I saw one of those guns in Walgreens the other day, and thought it was too good to be true. It sounds like it actually worked for you, though! I watched the video, and this tool looks easy enough to use. Do you know if this gun would work on a string where half the lights are out? I mean, where half of the string still works and the other half doesn't. This invention could be a real time saver!

    I enjoyed the pictures of your cats as always. That picture of Lilly eying the turkey was so cute! I just took a look at your previous post, and it looks like your house was beautifully decorated for Thanksgiving. Happy belated Thanksgiving! :)

  2. Happy belated Thanksgiving to you to Justine. Yes the gun worked on 3 of my sets where just half were burned out. I think I paid 2.50 for it last year... saved me around 45 dollars in replacement lights this year.

    Thank you for the nice compliments.... just wait till we get in the full Christmas mode. Miranda likes Christmas like I love Halloween.

  3. Very nice. You look like Clark Griswold on that roof, mate. I too have multiple cats and for 3 of them it will be the first year to see a fully lit tree, as last year we just stuck a tiny plastic table top tree into a corner on a stool.
    I'm a bit scared to be honest.
    Nice looking turkey. My wife is so deathly allergic to sage that it will kill her, but garlic and sage butter sounds a tasty turkey treat to me. Look forward to seeing more soon.

  4. geez, I love reading your blog. always makes me smile--more often, I laugh out loud! thanks for providing fun and laughter and great pics of your wonderful cats!

  5. We put our tree up Thanksgiving night. My girls slept under the tree. I had to sta awake until they fell asleep so i could shut it off. Silly girls are like your Archie. Good to hear your Thanksgiving was a fab celebration.

  6. I thought you meant a real gun. That was hysterical.

    We went out in the Friday madness, but only to buy makeup. Because that really made lots of sense. But it was a good deal on makeup. : )

    Your photogenic cats kill me.

  7. Cool! I think I'm going to buy one of these guns. Hopefully I'll catch one on sale too, because right now they're $20. I can't believe that you paid only $2.50 for yours! Now, that's a deal.

    If Miranda loves Christmas that much, I can't wait to see how your house is decorated. You must have lots of storage space for Christmas decorations and all those Halloween props!

  8. I can't wait to see all your decorations up! I see that naughty Archie under the tree....he's plotting and scheming to do something...I can tell it! LOL!

    I am going to check out that gun....



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