Wednesday, November 9, 2011

2012 Haunting Wishlist

   I was starting a list of things I wanted to make sure I worked on for next Halloween. I am notorious for loosing lists so what better place to store that list than right here in the archives of my blog. While I am at it, might as well make it a fun and interactive posts to boot!. Here goes my 2012 wishlist.

Chicken and Cheese Ghosts : 

As in chicken wire and cheesecloth. I will make at least one if not all these by next Halloween.

Cemetery Fence

Going to have to work hard on this, especially if we plan on expanding the haunt out into the whole front yard. The design needs to be collapsible and in the mindset of storage. 

With all the spider props we have, this would be a perfect addition to the haunt. I envision a corner of the cemetery overrun with spiders and webs. 

If we do expand the cemetery like M wants to, (M usually gets her way), we are going to need a bunch.....I mean a hearse load of them!

They look super cool and add so much to the ambiance of a cemetery. They are also nice to cast some light at your party if you use black or colored lights for your house. 

Very easy to build prop that really causes some concern as you pass by it. 

I liked the one I refurbished this year and this would be a perfect prop to animate or even hide a fog chiller.

   That is about it for the MAJOR things I would like to do for next year. There is a never ending list of smaller things that I may or may not add such as :

  • Building a chicken wire witch prop with a stirring cauldron and fake flame.
  • Full size Mummy prop. 
  • Flying Crank Ghost (I always say I am going to build one but never find the time).
  • New Fog Delivery system (not a new chiller but a PVC pipe delivery system).
  • Animated escaping skeleton coffin.
  • Faceless Bride prop.
  • Better Mourning Skeleton Prop.
  • Lots of Bucky arms!
  • Animated escaping skele from our water main cover
  • LED eyes for all the skeles.
  • At least 3 more Wallgreen skeles. 
  • Blue Led Spotlights (I already have a ton of green).
  • Few more heavy duty extension cords.
  • Couple more portable CD players for more targeted sound ambiance . 
   That is about it for now. I am sure I will think of a few other things in the 300 or so days left to plan. Anybody else have any suggestions for my haunt or even better, what wishlist items are you hoping for in 2012?


  1. I am really liking your list! One thin on my wish list is a life size creepy old Butler dude I can leave out all year long in my foyer. Sooooooooo hoping one of these sites online will have one 50-80% off!

  2. Nice list! I really like that jumping spider

  3. ha! sort of funny that as soon as we get all the props and decor put away from this year, we start planning all the stuff we're going to do for next year! anyway, I think all your plans sound great!

  4. Most Awesome List!! Can't wait to see the ghosts...

  5. I love those chicken and cheese ghosts! Blogs and even twitter are good for bookmarking things and making lists. I look back at my blog all the time for ideas too! It looks like you have a lot of projects planned. With this much of a head start on Halloween, you'll probably get all this done!

  6. I started thinking of adds / improvements while sitting in the driveway waiting for ToTers!!! I totally need a fence & my sister's neighbor had a nice solid one that I'm going to attempt to copy.
    Love the ghosts & those PVC candles are amazing!

  7. LuLu - I actually saw one online but it was sold out. You should make one! It is super easy... I could show you.

    Bewitchy - I loved that spider. I saw it the day Spirit came in but they had sold them all but the display. They would not sell me the display. I tell you, the people running our SpiritHalloween were recruits from Assbag's of America this year.

    Pam - Aint it the truth! There is a point in October that I realize I will not have time for many more projects and I then start planning for next year... ;)

    Jeanne - I am excited about the ghost. They looks so amazing. I saw some ghostly brides on Pumpkinrot that made me want them even more. I will start collecting the cheesecloth and sheer curtains now for them.

    Justine - I hope I have time. Don't jinx me ;) The ghost will be done by July I hope.

    Lisa - LOL I tend to do the same thing. I hope I get to do half of my list this year.


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