Friday, November 4, 2011

The scariest pictures you will see this year.

This picture was taken at 5pm on Tuesday November 1st. The front yard completely devoid of any signs of Halloween. This can be traumatizing to some Halloween Enthusiast. If you look closely you can make out three signs of Halloween night :

  1. Ice from the fog chiller still managing to hang on defiantly in the sun.
  2. A definitively coffin shaped imprint in the yard. 
  3. Pumpkin the cat who ran like a bat out of hell all over the haunt on Halloween night.
   While I was on the porch rolling up an extension cord, a group of ladies from down the street approached. 
    I recognized them as the group that stopped a block away and sent their children to their doom into the cemetery. I had ignored the children and went shambling off for the group of ladies standing under the street light in imagined safety. They had ran off screaming, leaving their kids to their fate.
    Now they are back standing at my property in the daylight. I overheard one of them say, "Oh man! It's all gone! I wanted to see it! How could they have taken that all down since last night?". They turned to leave and I heard her say over her shoulder, "It's creepy... almost like it did not exists!". 
   I smiled to myself. My yard haunt was still creeping people out even though it was safety stored away in the  back building. If they had only came about an hour earlier, they would have been witness to the great Halloween Massacre of 2011 :

I must warn you!

The pictures you are about to witness....

are very graphic!

Look at your own discretion!

  These images are almost too much for me to bare. It looks like a Weapon of Mass Destruction went off near my yard haunt. Rest in peace props.... till next year....

Last, but certainly not least....

The much sought after Zombie Rabbit Award!

This auspicious award was bestowed upon me by no other than The Demon Blogger of Canada of the Kweeny Todd Blog! Make sure to drop by and pay your respects to her blog and while you are there, grab a quick will be the closest you have ever had .... guaranteed!

Like any award, there are rules to follow upon accepting this award.

The Rules :
  1. Give this award to up to 10 who you like, but also give a couple to the "Next Blog" Slider on the top so random bloggers can feel the love of a stranger.
   I am not sure about the random awarding of a blog. An award like this should be given because you really enjoy the content of a followed blog. Also, the whole giving a random stranger the feel of love seems a bit creepy, so I will award this out to people who I feel deserve it.

   2.  Post those you gave the award to, so fans of your site can see the places you like and that you Paid it 
        Forward too.

The following blogs come to mind anytime I think if a rabid zombie rabbit.

   Now I am off to finish putting up the interior Halloween. We are 90% complete. We have a big day of Halloween bargain shopping planned for the morning. I will share our finds! Hope you all have a great weeKEnD!


  1. It definitely is a very sad sight to see! hilarious about the ladies sending their kids off to their doom!



    Lisa @ Maple Grove Cemetery

  3. Sorry - got excited there. Loved the story about the brave ladies. I was sad when I took the Cemetery down, too. My yard is boring now.

  4. Congrats on the award. Love the story about the lady's that's good stuff!

  5. "A definitively coffin shaped imprint in the yard."

    Ha! Just what every yard should have!!!

  6. Nice job on your yard and way to scare the hell out of ladies on the corner. Enjoyed checking out your blog.

  7. Oh, the carnage!! A naked yard is a scary sight. Congrats on the well deserved blog award!

  8. Congrats on the zombie rabbit award. I'm sorry about your naked yard... Just think, however, only 360 days until next Halloween.

  9. If I can traumatize just one child, and scare then down the road to Halloweenerdom, I feel it's all worth it.

    Also, how did you know I'm a rarebit fiend? Worshiping them lunar goddesses and such. I don't know if I'll do ten, that seems indiscriminate, but I'll definitely pick some appropriate victims.

  10. Thank you all! And Mantan, I feel the exact same way about haunting.


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