Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Ancient feline prepares for Creepmas with spooky impersonations.

   Another gloomy rains day is upon us. It is getting cold so that means the cats are sticking to me like glue. That has inspired me to do a little post on the old crotchety man we call Archie. He has a number of great impressions he likes to do, but before we get into that, some background on the old grey man.
   Archie has been with me for 8 of his 18 years. He is a rescue cat that I, quite literally, snatched from the jaws of  death. He is a rare breed, an Egyptian Mau. He is even more rare in that he is a Shadow Mau and you can only see his spots and stripes when the sun hits him just right. He has a flabby belly that Miranda makes fun off all the time, but in reality, it is a great boon for his kind. The extra skin on his abdomen allows him to stretch almost in a backwards crescent, which greatly aids them in running. This makes his breed one of the fastest domesticated cats in the world.
  He is one of the most vocal animals I have ever met. He talks to you almost constantly. He can also open some doors if the handle is just right and when he can't open it, he "knocks" with his paws and screams to be let in.
   Archie really gets into the Holiday spirits very easy, regardless of what we are celebrating. He even loves Thanksgiving!

   I think he likes the decorations more than anything, that and opening presents. He is not a fan of large crowds but will mingle with adults. If a child (or even short person) gets near him, you will not see him till they leave. 
    His favorite spot in the house is on the back of the computer chair:

   I think he likes that because he is very nosy and likes to see what we are doing online. His second favorite spot is on Miranda..... any part will do, but he prefers legs :

     He always sits next to Miranda during dinner and his favorite foods are grapes and vanilla ice cream. 

   Archie tries to help out by ironing my shirts:

   I think he puts more wrinkles in than he takes out. 

   You can never go to the kitchen without him. You never know when you may drop a piece of cheese.

  Now that's out of the way, lets get on with the impersonation!

A vampire in the sunlight.

A vampire waiting for it's victim to fall asleep.


Archie does all his own stunts. Here he is doing a scene from Batman. POW!

Here he is practicing for a 3D movie.


Road Kill.

Professional Boxer.

Captain Stinkydoo of the Starship Litterbox.
   Archie is ready for Thanksgiving, Creepmas, and Christmas (In that order!). He is just as upset as the rest of us when people skip seasons or rush one holiday over another. In fact, he has a message for the lady down the street who went psycho with the Christmas lights on November 1st :

Don't skip Holidays!

      I hope that Archie has entertained you on this dreary day. With his help, we have almost completed all 13 posts for Creepmas. 
    Before I end this post, I have to show a picture of Lilly when she was a kitten. Here she is pretending to be a Predator as she blends in with her surroundings.


  1. Ked....I am howling with laughter here! That Archie needs his own reality show....especially with his "high sign" to the lady down the street....serves her right. *giggling*

    Happy Night to you, M, Archie and wee Lilly!


  2. LOL! what a great blog entry! really made me smile and laugh and I'm in love with Archie. and his message to the lady down the street couldn't be more appropriate. :)

  3. Haha! I love Archie ~ He's such a character! I don't think I've ever seen this kind of cat before. His impressions ranged from cute to scary, but the message to the neighbor picture made me actually laugh out loud! It was fun getting to know your other cat. :)

  4. What an extraordinary cat... and so beautiful! Don't give him any grapes though, because they damage a cat's kidneys :(

  5. Archie is awesome. He looks like he would be a lot of fun. Give Archie and Lilly a rub for me.

  6. If Archie or Lily ever need another home they are welcome at my house. Evidently I am becoming the local animal shelter.

  7. Dude I just found your recipes section! Love it! How did you get that to work that way on the side of the blog page. I am in State Prosecution, not Computer Tech AT ALL! ha

  8. LuLu _ Miranda takes a thousand pictures of both of the cats daily. You would not believe the things they get into. I need to get a video of Archie sitting next to Miranda and grabbing her fork with his paw as she eats. He does need a show... or a blog... hmmm

    Pam - Thanks... I couldn't agree more.

    Justine - Thanks. He has a wide range I tell you.

    Avalon - Thanks and thanks for the info.

    Vivienne - Thank you. I sure will.

    Kelly - be careful... sometimes I feel like boxing them up and mailing them to Abudabi ;)

  9. Kelly - It is the template I use. You can change them out and they are easy to add a page gadget after that. Go to design on your blogger dashboard. Holler if you need help.

  10. You are giving me cat envy. I really want a cat. At least your post is letting me imagine how wonderful it would be to have one.

  11. Love the cat posts. My cat is camera unfriendly, so very few photos exist of him. Mostly of his back as he turns away.

    I am so jealous at your progress for Creepmas! My wheels are spinning, and I have no idea what to do. We shall see, I suppose...

  12. Archie is a character! Too funny! I am also green with envy -- 13 posts already ready! Dang! :) Can't wait to see them!

  13. I'm jealous of the 13 posts, too!

    Love Archie!

  14. Captain Stinkydoo of the Starship Litterbox made me crack up. I love cats in costume.


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