Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Too all good things there comes an end.

   Don't cry little Jack-o. Halloween will be back next year! Till then, we have recipes to perfect, new props to research, clever new decorations to create, and other holidays to celebrate. I'll put you in a big orange tote with your other pumpkin friends and before you know it, the haunting season will be back.
   Now the greatest of holidays is at an end. I am reminded again and again as I sit here, having my morning coffee. I have seen exactly 15 different Christmas commercials with not so much as a turkey to soften the blow. It is a good thing that Miranda is just as crazy about Christmas as she is Halloween so I will be busy with a different kind of decorating soon.
   So what can you expect from this blog for the next 10 months? I will still be seeking out all wicKED things and working on a number of projects such as :
  • Publishing a book(s).
  • Creating the ultimate Halloween Party game.
  • Refining the recipe and party planning guides (possibly publishing them).
  • Seeking out more haunted places and legends in my neck of the woods.
  • More short stories that are bouncing around in my head.
  • Posting videos and pictures of all things wicKED (There is something very eerie about winter).
  • Seeking out signs of Halloween no matter the season (they are always there).
  • Creating several DIY projects.
  • Sharing all things Halloween I may find on the net. 
  • Last, but not least, keeping up with the adventures of Lilly, the Demon Cat from Heck.
    Hope you all will stick around and continue to share and contribute in the months to come. Now, onto the All Hallows Eve celebration!

  It had been over cast with brief showers all day. By 5pm it was sunny but cold. As the sun set, the temps dropped down into the 30's. The cold weather really hurt our turn out this year but we still had a blast! The cemetery was the best yet and there were kids and parents running for their lives. 
   I overheard one little boy say to his dad "It wasn't as good as it was last year cause the big creepy thing in a robe chased us all the way down the street". I, of course, took off at a speedy shamble and chased that family around the block as they screamed their heads off.  
    There were at least a dozen vehicles that slowed down to stop, but sped off quickly when they saw the extent of the haunt. I even had a group of females stop a block away and send their kids down to us. They refused to come near us and when I walked towards them, they took off leaving their kids to face their fates alone in the Cemetery. 
   It was great fun standing in the middle of all the props and having parents come through saying. "It's not real.". I would then shamble out of the fog and agree that I was not real. They would take off like bats out of hell. 
   I even had a Sheriff's Deputy pull up and spot light both my Jason Voorhees and Micheal Myers props. 

   Oddly enough, this happens almost every year...wonder why? At least this year they did not demand they remove their masks. 

   I ended the night making a grocery run at the local FoodCity in full costume. I parked beside a small vehicle with 2 small girls in the back and a woman at the wheel. When I got out of my mustang, the two little girls started screaming at the top of their lungs and scrambling as far from me as the vehicle would allow. The woman (their mother I assume), just stared at me as I entered the store. I quickly gathered up some lunch stuff for Miranda and as I headed to check out, the three young female cashiers would not wait on me. They ended up calling the store manager to come do it. He asked me if I had a value card, I reached in my pocket and pulled out the rubber brain and offered it to him. He did not know how to respond to that and continued to check me out. When I used my credit card to pay for my purchase he said, " Wow! Zombies have credit!". I smiled at him and he looked disturbed. That is when I recalled my teeth were painted brown and green and my lips stained red. I left quickly. 

   Here are some pictures of the Halloween Festivities as we kicked off the event :

We crawled out of the cemetery
We proceeded to go door to door in our neighborhood looking for treats. Strangely,  they would not answer their doors.
Miranda finally scored a treat from one unlucky neighbor. 
We had a light supper.
I had seconds!
I even brought dessert.
What a tasty morsel.
The Zombie Family that shares together, stays together. 
My mom came over to bring us dinner and hand out candy to the Trick-or-Treaters so we could roam around the graveyard.
Little did she know that she was dinner!

Miranda saved my mom from me.

Too bad she was saving her for herself!

Mom managed to escape and then get dressed up and ready for the kiddies. 

It's Daylight and they are already coming out!

My Animated Zombie.

These two nice ladies are helping to hide my fog chiller.

If I was a kid, I would not want to walk up there even in the daylight.... not to mention at night!

   I have already had requests for the Wicked Woods Cemetery pictures in action, but sadly, that will have to be a post for later this week. We literally have days of work ahead of us to pack up all our Halloween. There are hundreds of pictures to sort through, crop, and edit. Not to mention at least an hour of video. Your patients will be rewarded as I compile a photo post and video to accompany it. I fear that my video will PALE in caparison to the excellent work of PUMPKINROT. Till I can get Halloween packed safety away, enjoy Rot's AMAZING creation :

The sun is out now and the frost is gone. I am off to break down the cemetery and start the packing process. Hope everybody had as wicKED a Halloween as we did!


  1. Aww... Tell your jack-o-lantern not to cry, because there are plenty of Halloween blogs to keep us in the spirit year round! Plus it sounds like you have lots of other projects to work on. What are these books you're publishing? You and Miranda are looking horrifying (I mean that as a compliment) and it's nice to see your mom involved in the Halloween fun!

  2. Your yard and costumes look amazing. It looks like you had a wonderful Halloween, although I don't support cat eating in any form. I'm always a little put off by Christmas coming the day after Halloween too. Chick fil a has thier Christmas Decorations up. I'm just not ready. Good luck with your many projects. You'll have a busy year.

  3. Everything looked great Wicked! You did a fantastic job. I know it is a bitter sweet day, and I hear you when it comes to the work of packing everything up. looking forward to see what you come up with next year..especially
    that "ultimate" Halloween party game!

  4. Aww...you're making me sad lil Jack o'! I hate the post Hallowe'en blues. And even worse, I hate packing all that stuff back up...ugh! You guys have way too much energy for me. Looks great though and I know you had fun scaring the trick or treaters. My Mom comes over and dresses up to pass out candy too, so that we can shuffle everyone from street to street for trick or treat on the golf cart. Our houses are spread pretty far apart, and you can get tired of walking after just one street. So we deck out our golf with jack o'lantern lights and Halloween decals and head out into the night.

    Nice meeting you all this season...always love to find new people who love the holiday! Lookinf forward to more of you stories and some spooky winter photos of dead trees! :o)

  5. Wow! What a blast. It looks like so much fun and you both looked awesome. Hope Lily made it through okay!

    Again, good to hear you will still be around. I like your blog and would miss it terribly.

    I agree that there is something dark and mysterious about winter and there is something to be found that is realated to halloween at all times of the year!

    Tell Miranda I like Christmas a lot as well. I love the earthiness about it!

  6. Justine - I am thinking of publishing some short stories, a party planning guide, and a game if I can find the time. Thanks for the "horrifying" comment. That was what we were after. Mom is always in the spirit of Halloween.

    Jessica - We did not eat the entire cat.. just the brain ; ). We did have a great Halloween to be sure. I love Christmas, just not in whiplash media slams.

    October Boy - Thanks buddy! I hope I can get the kinks worked out of the game. We got the outside packed up the very next day 100%. The inside looks like Halloween puked ;). I am already working on next year.

    Wendy - sounds like you had a good Halloween also. We am glad to have met you too. I am glad we are not alone in our love of the greatest Holiday! I will see what I can do about the creepy dead tree pictures ;)

    Vivienne - We did have a good time! Lilly is fine, she actually thrives on this sort of attention. I hope we can find lots of Halloween hidden in not only the winter, but the 10 other months to follow. I agree about the earthiness of Christmas. We actually love to celebrate all holidays here. The day I created my blog, I had to really consider if it was going to be a holiday blog, or just Halloween. Of course I made the right decision.

  7. I love the idea of the zombie shambling out of the fog to scare people. I wish I got more trick or treaters, it might be worth it to stick out there and scare people.

    Maybe next year I will try something more elaborate, really wall in the carport with tarps and put the fog machine inside. Then I could let people wander around and bump into me.

  8. Awesome pics and stories WicKED! So cool!

  9. Mantan - I love that idea. Most people thought I was a prop and the dark robed figure at the top of the steps was me. I hope you do just that!

    In Irons - Thank you! I appreciate it.


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