Sunday, November 13, 2011

A clear case of the pot calling the cauldron black!

 I have a neighbor just down the street from me. I can see her front yard from mine. She was walking by my house on October 1st while I was putting out my Halloween decorations. She glanced over as she marched by and said to me, "Man, you are getting started a little early aren't you? People are going to think you are weird!". She is not a mean spirited lady by any means. I think she is just simple and states what is on her mind. I can't even recall what I said back to her in response, though I am sure it was something pleasantly disregarding.
    Now I sit at my house every evening looking at her house FULLY decked out for Christmas. Christmas decorations she put out on November 1st I might add. My tongue is going to come off if I bite it much more. I just so want to walk by and say, "Wow.. at least I waited a month before my favorite Holiday to decorate and here you are 2 month early AND skipping an entire national holiday".

   Why am I weird when I put SOME of my Halloween decorations up a month early but it is perfectly sane to put her Christmas stuff up 2 months in advance?
   I also took my outside Halloween decor down on Nov 1st, but this woman left her Christmas light up last year till Valentines Day. I recall M making a snide comment about it as we drove by to V day dinner that night.
   Oh well, you can't pick your neighbors. At least they celebrate! There are entire neighborhoods that don't decorate for any holidays near ours. I am glad we are one that does. I just have to remember, every cloud has a silver lining. Even if it is wrapped in Christmas lights in November.


  1. It reminds me of that song Redneck Woman "'Cause I'm a redneck woman
    I ain't no high class broad
    I'm just a product of my raising
    I say, 'hey ya'll' and 'yee-haw'
    And I keep my Christmas lights on
    On my front porch all year long"
    Oh well, let her think what she wants. The only opinion that matters is yours and M's.

  2. I'd leave my decorations up till Dec 1st, heh heh.

  3. I told my hubby he should put our lights up today (65 degrees!), since he was on the ladder anyway cleaning out the gutters. But he chose not to. That's OK - he'll be the one out there freezing his fingers off putting them up - not me!!! I would not have turned them on until after Thanksgiving.

    You have the best cartoons!

  4. I have several of these Xmas is too soon cartoons on my face book. I don't know why people can't just enjoy Thanksgiving anymore. I love your cartoon. It is perfect.

  5. Loved the Franken Santa on previous post! You guys find the neatest stuff.

  6. Hope you don't bite youtr tounge off! I can understand putting lights up early to beat the cold weather bit I sure wouldn't put anything else out. I hope she takes it down a little earlier for you this year.

  7. While I'm not taking part in the Creepmas thing, I find myself enraged by your neighbor. That is awfully short-sighted of her, I believe.
    Actually...damn. That really annoys me.
    I am becoming enraged as I type this.
    Why can't people, that is, your neighbor, enjoy each season and holiday for what it is? Why must they cause overload long before the event, and then we all feel sick. 25 days of Christmas on ABC Family is all well and good, but showing the Grinch before Thanksgiving (it was on last night, ferTyr'ssake)? Fie upon it!
    Help, I'm stuck on this soapbox. Somebody bring me a ladder made of human bones!

  8. You should see England, where I am. Pity this poor transplanted Canadian in the Land Where Holidays Are A Time To Get Drunk And That's About THe Extent Of It.

    Halloween, for the most part, isn't done at all here and Christmas is more or less considered a necessary evil.

    Anyway, who cares what the neighbours think. If you even know who your neighbours are. I say it's your holiday and you'll decorate when you want to!



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