Wednesday, October 14, 2015

The Skeletons of Wicked Woods Cemetery (Countdown to Halloween Day 14)

We have over a dozen skeletons mostly outside. Today I will focus on introducing you to the ones who dwell outside for the entire month of october. The ones that make their home inside Meade Manor we will save for another day.

M was never happy with last years skeles just "hanging" on the banisters so this year she wanted to crank it up a notch. I have always wanted to have my very own skeletal army and I am getting close. 

"Friendly Femerson" He looks nice, but it's just a trap to get you to come closer. He is the "door greeter" to the cemetery.

This lurking feller is "Skulking Skully".

He likes to hide in the bushes and listen into conversations.

Of course this is the Mourning Myrtle. She just can't let go of the past.

This is Kay Ropractor. She has back problems but really wants up on the balcony

This is Kal Ciam he is gonna just pull himself up on that balcony 

This is Bone Voyage....not sure if he is just jumping off or just aiming to land on a neighbor's kid.

Meet Beebee Q. McRibb. She must see a friend or she is just showing off she made it to the Balcony. 

This seemingly limber guy is Skele Tore....pretty she he is going to feel that in the morning.

This is the "Bone Bomber"....he just looks like a guy would would photo bomb a wedding picture. 

Just like he is photo bombing this ghostly couple....we will visit the ghost on another post.

Bone Apatite...he is falling off himself in the fountain.

Last but not least here is Dirt Napper. He is half the man he used to be.

I almost forgot the most important skele of all... Holo Grimm! 


  1. Well, that's just totally awesome - especially Bone Apatite and Holo Grimm! I love how you've named them all. :)

  2. Ha! These are all completely awesome. I love their names :)


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