Thursday, October 15, 2015

The Ghosts of Wicked Woods Cemetery (Countdown to Halloween day 15)

Here are the ghosts that roam around the cemetery the entire month of October.

This old ghost is a costume back from 1995 that a friend left at my house from a Halloween party. She is a wind ghost that really takes off when it is stormy. Her name is Wendy Gale.

This is the second wind ghost. A skeletal spirit that flies around the pinnacle of Meade Manor. His name is Gonwith Dawind

This Grinning spectre is just something I threw together out of old part and a broken prop. His name is Mr. Muse.

This lovely couple is a new addition this year. Mr and Mrs Unlivingston.

This glowing appriotion likes to peek out of the window on the front porch. His name is Peeping Thomas.

Even though she is just a silhouette, I still think of her as a ghost. We call her Headless Hariot.

And last, but not least, our projector ghost in the main bedroom. we affectionately call her Holly Grahm.

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