Sunday, October 18, 2015

Those who watch over the graves in the daylight (Countdown to Halloween Day 18)

What a weekend! Working on compiling pictures and videos from doing a full Haunt Walkthrough and will be posting the results later on this week. Until then, here are some of our props who entertain/guard the graves during daylight hours. Enjoy!

This tortured soul is trapped forever in my attic and it really bothers the neighbors kids next door as they can see him from their bedroom window. As usual the windghost has a 360' view of the property.

The grave digger keeps an eye out. At night, people talk to him thinking he is a real person...not sure why.

I almost did not put Grimmace the scarecrow out this year as he is almost rotted away. M said I just had to, so here he is, guarding our driveway.

The sillhouts do a good job keeping things in order during daylight hours.

We only run the projectors on weekends so we put this old creepy witch prop in to keep the neighbors on their toes. The cats love her for some reason as she watched over the side cemetery.

M was not thrilled about waking up to seeing her shadow the first morning I put her up.

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