Friday, October 30, 2015

Happy Halloween Eve all! (Countdown to Halloween day 30)

Tomorrow is the big night! We have a ton of Treat Bags Preparred and some some loose candy should those not suffice. I guess you could saw we have "candy on the brain".

We also had the pleasure of appearing on the front page of our local newspaper! So excited about that.

We also managed to carve our forever pumpkins for 2015. Guess which one is mine!?!?!

Here are a few random pictures of our decor I snapped to get us by till we can Haunt!

Our Kitchen was the "Chop Shop" for the party. All the bloody foods and drinks were found in here.

The silhouettes look pretty good from the inside as well.

I really felt sorry for anybody that went into one of our 3 bathrooms. All the pictures on the wall scream, move, or pop out at you....

Kinda disturbing with the lights off as well.

Guest who entered from the rear door had this visual.

Maple tree at night night.

Long exposure on this but it is at midnight I assure you.

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