Thursday, October 1, 2015

Rain ,rain go away, come again some other October! (Day 1 Countdown to Halloween)

Welcome to day 1 of the Countdown to Halloween! Come back every day as I promise to post something Halloweeny. It may not be as in depth as it was last year, but I will come up with some suitable tidbits to keep you interested!
 It went for nearly 4 weeks in September without a rain shower lasting longer than 10 minutes. Since September 25th (the day I took a 4 day weekend to put up Halloween) it has rained every single day. Now, it has turned into a constant downpour with no end in sight for at least the next week. I have been unable to work much in the Cemetery and have been unable to finish tweaking the lights but I am keeping busy with other mini indoor projects. I was hoping to have some great shots of the cemetery and the house, but for day 1 of the countdown, you will have to settle for what I could take from my front porch....I really hope that Mother nature gets it out of her system now and we FINALLY have a dry Halloween.

It's like he is asking "Why so much rain? WHY!?"

I left this over exposed so you could see the rain coming down!

This wind ghost usually hangs high enough to cover the scarecrows face. He is so water logged he is almost touching the ground.

I agree Mourning Skeleton...death and rain suck!

Zombies don't really have an opinion on the rain.

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  1. Happy Octoberween there Ked! Hope it dries up for you,


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