Friday, October 9, 2015

Mountain Empire's Haunted Forest Sneak Peak! (Countdown to Halloween Day 9)

M and I had the privilege to sneak inside Mountain Empire's Haunted Forest days before they accepted their first victims. Just let me say, the sheer scale of the haunt is almost overwhelming. It is going to be the best year yet, I can just feel it! Here is your sneak peek into one of the best haunts I have seen.

Of course you still have to enter through the heavy iron gates of Raven Manor....

Imposing even in the daylight!

This is our last view of the sunlit world of the living before we entered into the realm of the dead.

The dread just gets thicker as you make your way inside.

Rituals were already being performed when we got can only assume where the owner of these items is lurking.

Contacting the other side is never a good thing, especially when it is the dead calling on the dead! We left when the board started spelling out "MURDER".

She will tell you your future...but it all ends badly!

Of course there is still a freak show in the forest....and yes, it is full of clowns! many damn clowns

The great mausoleum is till there. Looks like a spirit desperately wants out. There are so many graves this year....must have been from last years "visitors"

Death himself still watches over those buried here....and those that are soon to be.

Death's minions were busy at work, we could not tell if they were digging them up, or putting them in.

Wonder who lives in this cabin? Wonder if they are home!

We were surprised to see a completely new structure in The Haunted Forest. A dark and foreboding dungeon now awaits those foolish enough to enter into it's heavily guarded entrance. 

It is as if it has always been there....massive and dark

The Executioner warned us not to linger...his guards were not very particular about who they locked up...or tortured for that matter.

Foul things are afoot in these halls.

Somebody was left on the rack too long.

What lies beyond the torture room?

A darkened hall that seems to go on forever. Cries of pain and anguish echoed on forever.

They begged....

They pleaded....

They just wanted out before the "Butcher" came for them. Of course we did not want to anger the we had to leave...quickly before we suffered the same fate.

If you are looking for one of the greatest Halloween experience of your life, head on down to Mountain Empire's Haunted Forest. 

Gates open TONIGHT! Hope you make it there (and back again).

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