Thursday, October 31, 2013

Happy (hopefully dry) Halloween from Something wicKED this way comes...

Unfortunately, it looks like rain off and on all day and 100% chance tonight with severe thunderstorms and winds!

Wicked Woods will be running a minimal haunt tonight with none of the animated props due to possibly damaging them. I had hoped our last Halloween in this neck of the Woods would go out with a bang, but maybe if I underwhelm this year, it will seem SO much bigger next! 

Thanks for following our wicKED adventures year round. I hope you will continue to stop by and see how things develop in the new haunt!

Since today is going to rain me out, for the most part, enjoy this rainy Halloween tribute!


  1. No Rain... no rain... no rain!

    KNOCK, KNOCK! I am virtual Trick'r treating at your door.. to help promote my fleshing out of the "WALKING DEAD" return to my slow beating heart... and my insatiable love for the dead!


    Happy Halloween!

  2. Happy Halloween Good Sir wicKED... from the "Crypt"... sorry about the rain... maybe the animated ones could be peering out of your home...

  3. Raining on Halloween? That sucks! But your pics were really entertaining, especially the one with the wide poofy hat and tons of dangling beads making it look like rain. Cool!

  4. Your Yard haunt Looks Great good Sir wicKED...
    Sorry about the rain... the storm is just now reaching us here.... and the temp. are supposed to be cooler....
    The images look like you and your family still enjoyed themselves...


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