Sunday, October 6, 2013

Sneak Peek into The Backwoods Haunted House

There is no easy way to say this...Backwoods Haunted House is terrible. It is just awful! Horrible, revolting, disgusting, insane...

Of course when speaking about a haunted barn full of inbred mutant/undead hillbillies, that is about as great as it gets!

I will not be doing a full review and ranking of the haunt this week. I will have to save it for the next week simply because they were so busy! Busy is good, unless you are trying to take ulta vivid low light shots with a long shutter speed lens. I was so afraid of ruining the experience for the paying customers I took minimal pictures and only had M go through with a single video walk through.  I have committed to going back next Friday for a full on video and photo review along with all the ranking  and reviews that come with it. So for this posting, we will call it just a sneak peek.

We were there for almost 2 hours and people were still pulling in to see if they could survive

Just as creepy from behind!

You have to get our and see this attraction at least once just to appreciate it. This is not your typical haunted house..not in the least! The long winding drive through the back country of unlit roads is enough to unnerve you. Standing in line while you hear the howls, screams and other ungodly noises from inside is enough to make you break out in a cold sweat. When you enter, and the doors are locked behind you, you know it's too late! From the very beginning it makes walking in on a unknown family argument. The very furnishings in the old barn scream WRONG! Why should this be here? Why would anybody want this?
Don't know about you, but I aint opening that door.

The worst thing about coming upon a chair like this is realizing something has been sitting here...waiting for you!

Ask not why there is a severed pig head...ask what severed it!

Always hate to see an empty coffin....did they take something out or did something escape and is it nearby?

Yep...that's an electric careful if they offer you a seat! 

What's a wheelchair doing in a barn and why the hell do you need to tie it down!

This old barn is FULL of nothing but narrow hallways, animal pens, and ramshackle rooms built more to keep things in, than out. It is a veritable maze so don't expect to have any idea where you are...much less how you can even turn around and get back out!

Yeah, this place is full of spiders!

Whatever blood soaked hands made theses stains on the wall, may still linger!

So are these things designed to keep something out....or in!

You will get lost...just accept it now and try to deal with it.

I hate walls like this...look at those spaces! Who knows what could crawl through there and touch you?

This haunt also begs the questions...what are these things inside? Are they alive or undead? Mutant or just insane? Ghosts or hallucinations? It is so hard to tell. Some of them I know have physical form but are they really breathing. The only thing you can be sure of, they like fresh meat...the two legged variety.How do I know? They will tell you...often and loudly!

He looks ready to fall over!

Pretty sure this creepy little girl they have chained up to the sewing machine is a ghost...

Do you have her baby? I sure hope not!

I think I found some of their fresh meat they are asking for.

Did that thing just move? 

What's 7 feet tall and carries a hatchet? I don't know either but there it is!

These aren't the clowns you see in the circus....

I really look forward to compiling more video and photos of this haunt and seeing exactly where it ranks against the other local haunts. I can assure you this, it will be one of the highest ranked on fear! Just be warned....go in a group, make sure you are physically and mentally fit to enter this haunt as you will be tested on both fronts. If you have any type of heart condition... do not go, unless you have a death wish.

For more info click the picture below!


  1. Bet this will scare the pants off of many! They should set up some of those hidden cameras! :)

  2. Looks like a fun and creepy place. I love your photos.


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