Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Other's Wicked Ways

We took the time to drive around and scout out other people's decorations. As always, we saw more fall (ie, cutesy scarecrows, pumpkins, hay, and inflatables) than anything. I will not complain, at least they are celebrating the High Holiday in their own way and that makes them OK in my book!We hit the higher end part of town where Doctors and Lawyers congregate and found....nothing!  Here are some that we found ,most in very close proximity to The Wicked Woods! Coincidence? I think not!

Most were taken with M's cell phone as I slowed the wicKED mobile to a crawl..forgive the quality of the pictures with that in mind ;)

One of my favorite displays. A local antique dealer has a pond near thier stor front (Just a couple of blocks down from our current home).

This shot cracks me up. I guess we see what happens when you trespass!

Looks like they had some decent haunt stuff... just mixed in with cutesy inflatables. 

In the "higher end" of town, this was the only thing Halloween we could find.. WAY TO GO RICH PEOPLE!

Another country shop just a couple of blacks from our current residence. 

 Nice start of a graveyard!

The best thing about the whole trip was discovering this house right behind the new home we are buying this week. Any neighbor with spiked heads lining their sidewalk has to be good people! I can't wait till next year so I can give them a run for their money! 


  1. I like the skeletons chillin' in the lawnchairs! That's what mine were doing on the patio until I made them go join the display.

  2. Fun pics! Definitely don't find as many Halloween house decorated as I do Christmas ones. But definitely more than in years past!

  3. Wish I could say we had a lot of neighbors decorating but not so. That's quite a few by you!

  4. Loving all your posts. I hope you link up to several of the big parties online this weekend.


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