Saturday, October 5, 2013

Wicked Decor (Media Center)

This is our media center. We keep the Blue ray, game systems and a collection of DVD and CDs here. This Halloween we decided to go all out and creep it up. We boxed up all the Media leaving only the essential components like the cable box etc and went all out. Here is the result:

I always liked these votive holders
These have traditionally been on top but they look great with the all black setup.

Hard to hide the cable box so I just enhanced it. I think it is fitting to put the "hear no see no speak no evil" skulls here....Had to leave out the best DVD of all!

Continuing with the media theme, two digital picture frames set to slowly morph from normal to undead. Got that idea from Dave Lowe himself!

One of my favorite finds!

The Vampire section.

The kiddie section.

The zombie section.

The sad thing is, I will most likely change it up again before the party! We are headed out to some haunted attractions and will be posting more decor as the days go by!  Hope your weeKEnD is wicKED!


  1. Love it! Especially the pics of your "family members." :-)

  2. It looks wonderfully creepy! I especially love the village houses :)


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