Sunday, October 13, 2013

Handy Snacks for the Gourmet Zombie!

Sure all zombies want brains...but are they the favorite? I don't think so. Actually, zombies think the real delicacy lies in the hands! This is all in theory of course but I would assume that they think of them like the chicken wings of the human body? Where is my proof? Just look below!

It would also seem that the feet are also prized among cannibal connoisseur. They have a little extra "KICK"


  1. Zoinks. Takes "give me a hand" to a whole new level!

  2. I've got beer, and I've got f'n toe!

    Personally, I never bought that old rag about zombies hungering for brains. For one, the brain is encased in a sealed, hardened, bone container. Even zombies with the strongest jaws couldn't crack that coconut.

    No it's clear to me, after watching may Romero movies, that what zombies are really after is guts. Mm mmm, delicious liver wurst. Pounds and pounds o' raw, natural casing, sausages.

    Now maybe a few connoisseur types go in for FACE. You know, cheeks, eyeballs, and tongue. Like this guy!


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