Sunday, October 20, 2013

Wicked Woods Cemetery.....The Male Perspective

So my previous post was all about M and her camera style. Here is my style, same night, different style and equipment. As you can see I am more about composition, quality, and layering.

To be honest, this is probably my favorite picture ever. Blue LED floodlight shining up through the Wicked Willow tree and the cloudy moon above. Let the lens open just enough to gather light and make the clouds look surreal. 


  1. the first one is just stunning and the skelly at the end is brilliant!

  2. Not trying to ignite a battle of the sexes here, but I think I like this pictures better. The others were pretty cool though.

  3. Your photos are gorgeous. I particularly love the first one.

  4. I loved seeing these two perspectives on your haunt. It's always interesting to look at people's photographic styles, and I completely agree about the awesomeness of that first photo with the clouds and floodlit tree.

  5. Love the cemetery and decorations! You did a great job. :-)

  6. Hey Ked, I've been meaning to ask, what make of LED floodlight do you use, and where do you get 'em?

    1. I get them from DEAL EXtreme. Its a a Japan website and it take a LONG time to get the stuff but they are cheap and so far, all the lighting is exceptional.


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