Friday, November 1, 2013

The Last Halloween Night (In this Neck of the Wicked Woods)

We had the threat of thunderstorms all day and night. Thankfully it held off till after TOTs came, but the damage was done. We did not populate the graveyard and only ran at about 50% capacity. With the major move looming, I wanted to keep the number of damp props to a minimal. We did haunt the heck out of the covered front porch. The weather threats also seriously cut into our TOT numbers. Hardly any that had ran through the cemetery showed this time, but those that did got to spend extra time appreciating the haunt. I did not go with my Zombie makeup for fear of rain turning me into a muddy face drag queen. I went as a Scarecrow which worked out well. Misdirection and a terribly fake "stuffed" pose by me got quite a few scares (more from the adults). It will be weeks before I have the time to sit down and compile video, but I do have some highlights of the nights events.

There was not enough candy in the world to make go up on that porch when I was a kid.


My Spirit Halloween Damien. We got him on clearance and they shipped him busted all to heck. Spirit refused to help (there customer service is stationed in Hell) so I modified him into a shacking, growling zombie...took forever but it worked out well.

All of the animtronics in the chairs distracted people from the "obviously stuffed" Scarecrow. Everybody was so sure that Mike Myers was a real person in the dark. That helped the "obviously stuffed" Scarecrow make them pee their pants.

My Goddaughter. She has the haunter's spirit but she is girly too. So we had a little punk skeleton running around for awhile.

Mom's not dead....she just smells that way.

We can chalk another one up as fun and done. While waiting on TOTs last night, I could not help but think about the massive planning for next year! New location, HUGE areas to haunt....I can't wait. 

My posts my come less frequently for a bit, but I will still post year round and take part in blog events (most notably the upcoming Creepmas! I hope those that are new to the blog will follow, and keep up with my adventures....The possibilities are endless!



  1. This is the kind of thing I dream of being able to do someday...but considering I can't give up going into Salem, it's a long way off.

  2. Everything looked GREAT! You're mom is too funny! What a sport :) So glad that the rain held out for you guys. You got some great pictures :) Glad that you had a great last Halloween in your old house! Time to look forward to Halloween in the new one next year!!! Happy Halloween!!!

  3. Looks like you had loads of fun despite the weather. Love the lighting!


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