Friday, October 11, 2013

Freaky Friday's News of the Weird!

 Just some of the weird news out there in Halloween land... Just click the picture to be taken to the news story! Enjoy! 

Pickled snake comes back to life and bites woman in face!

 Scientific team spends HUGE amount so money to prove Bigfoot exists with sleeping Bigfoot video and DNA proof!

Zombie Apocalypse: Jerimiah Hartline Claims Undead Chasing Him Caused Big-Rig Crash

 Bizarre lake turn animals into stone!

Debbie Zamacona Accuses Ghost Of Stealing Her $5,000 Resume

Judge tells living man that he’s still legally dead

 Scientist create first 4 legged running robot. Skynet one step closer to world domination!

It’s aliiiive! Haunted-house industry scares up big money to the tune of $300 million!

Haunted House offer "Naked and Scared Challenge" where you run through completely nude!

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  1. Weird and wacky world, LOL That naked haunted house... I just don't think so!


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