Thursday, September 19, 2013

Sleepy Hollow (at last) and Faceoff season 6.

Took some time last night for the chaos that has become my life to watch a little TV. Finally caught Sleepy Hollow.

For the most part, I liked it. Acting was on point. Special effects (especially the horseman) were movie quality. It just felt a little bit rushed. Like they crammed 6 episodes into a 1 hour premier. Not sure I like the idea of the horseman knowing how to load and fire machine guns and shotguns (especially shotguns that seem to fire magical exploding shells that can take out huge tombstone with one shot). Still, it is one of the better things on TV now and I am can't wait to see what the next episode is like.

 I also watched the latest episode of Faceoff. they did Classic Halloween costumes which included Devil, Scarecrow, Vampire, Clown, and skeleton (how witch got left out of that list is beyond me). I was pretty disappointed with what they come up with and I was excited to see a Halloween challenge too! I did like the skeletons though.... really well done!


  1. You're the second person to give it a good review- I'll have to check it out.

  2. sleepy hollow was good, then the preview for the following episode brought me down... it's like now it's a scooby-doo mystery and the horseman's pulling the strings.

  3. I really liked Sleepy Hollow and how they added an entire new mythos. The actor(s?) playing the Horseman are amazing at conveying menace without a face.

    I'm attributing the magical shotgun to the Horseman. Since any ax he wields seems to get superheated, maybe the same thing happens to bullets from his guns?

    1. I was actually going to post this same thing. I think considering who the Headless Horseman is actually revealed to BE... he is sort of timeless and adaptable, able to operate new instruments of... his trade... with ease. I imagine his influence on these items also ramps up their effectiveness.

      Honestly, my main complaints were the horse's glowing red eyes, which seemed kind of cheesy the way they executed it... and how easy it seemed to be for Abby to break protocols without any kind of punishment. Otherwise, I look forward to seeing where the series goes from here.

      I totally get the "rushed" feelng wickED mentions though. A little more time to digest all the shocking revelations (pun!) would have been nice. I think this could easily have been stretched out into a two-parter and breathed a bit better. Everything was just too easily clicked together and conveniently accepted by all parties involved to feel completely real.

  4. Having grown up living up the road from Sleepy Hollow,I was very excited about this show. I wasn't disappointed!


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