Monday, September 23, 2013

A tale of busted budgets and fiendish finds!

Team wicKED all went out for the second (and maybe the last) Halloween Hunt. This time the Party City had all their stuff out, but it was just a more generic version of Spirit in my opinion! I was able to grab a couple of key items for my Halloween costume (For the party..... not the night itself.). 

It is official. The closest Spirit store is about 4 hours away....not going to loose any sleep over that but I still like to look in on it.

Target has their stuff out and I was a bit disappointed. Most of it is just repeats of years gone by, but there were a few items I found intriguing. 

Michael's had some goodies....always made sweeter with M's teachers discount.

We made great progress on M's costume at Halloween Express.
It's mandatory that they have to pose in this scene setter every time we go there.

They had changed up a few of the scenes in the store. This guy was new and pretty cool...ruined by the banjo playing mini skele though. 

The witch reading to the lil devils was pretty cool too!

All in all, it was a very good and much needed trip. With my situation at work (working back to back 6 day work weeks) and the situation with the pending MOVE, I am nothing more than a ball of stress. It was great to get out and focus on some fun stuff....and buy some stuff too. Here is the list of this trips treasures:

We snagged these for a great price at Michael's thanks to M's discount!

I had never seen this pictures before and I have a bunch!

My dear wicKED mother had to buy us the caged Raven that caws when approached. He will look great in the cemetery.

Found this in the dollar section at Target. Just a buck and you can reframe it. They had several, but this was the only one I had never seen.

Another Michael's find. 

Had to grab this one at Michael's as spoke to me!

Grabbed this drink server at TJ Max. It will be what I serve my glowing ghost margaritas from...because the best part is. IT GLOWS IN THE DARK!


  1. Your Michael's has so much more than ours. The one closest to our home has been kind of sad this year. I'm digging that Raven in a cage!

    1. Yeah he flaps his wings too....completely terrorizing the cats so far.


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