Friday, September 27, 2013

Today is the official "Season Swap" in the Wicked Woods.

Today is a great day indeed. It's time for the annual "Season Swap" event here in the Wicked Woods. I even scheduled a long weekend to pull it all off and the weather is cooperating with me perfectly. This is also the last time I will mow this year (WOOT).

The season swap is exactly what it sounds like. We swap out Summer items for Halloween/Autumn stuff. all the fountains, smiling suns, porcelain mushrooms, birdbaths, grills, wind chimes, and garden art get boxed away to make room for tombstones, coffins, pumpkins and skulls.

Hard to believe that this:

Will soon become this:

Becomes this:

The backyard transforms into

The front yard morphs into

And this tranquil scene will soon look a lot like

 The one thing I notice about Halloween in the Wicked Woods is the way it is a continual process. I will decorate an area and think "that's as good as it gets" only to change it several times...even right up to Halloween night itself. With a major move looming over us, not sure how much transformation will be done this year, but there is SOOOOO much to do and so little time to do it in.

Hope your weeKEnD is wicKED!


  1. Can I move in? I won't take much space. I will just cuddle somewhere and look happily creepy. Wonderful "swap" ;-D

  2. Jason with the mower always cracks me up! Normally I don't care for the TV guys, but yours is great!


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