Sunday, September 29, 2013

Sinister Sunday's Spider Apocalypse!

Got up this morning WAY too early. It was super foggy and there was a heavy dew on the ground. I noticed a neat spider web so I grabbed the camera and fired off a few shots.

It was then I started noticing the sheer number of them. The house, yard, even the grass was covered with them! I stopped counting right at 100 I'm talking about full blown webs. Not the fluffy balls of webs that were all over the ground and on every limb!

Not joking there was one of these like ever 3 to 4 inches!

The size and scope of the webs kinda worried me. The Wicked Woods was completely covered!

One very daring spider even built one at the top of a telephone pole!

I found just one little strand dripping off dew in the wind.

There was even one in my fountain!

Who knows....if we had stayed longer... the Wicked Woods may have become the Spider Haunt Forest!


  1. Haw haw. Nice camera work there bud.

    Me, I love the spiders. I used to catch them in jelly jars when I was a boy. My roommates don't feel the same way about 'em though. I tell them not to kill the spiders, they eat pest insects. Nobody listens, oh well.

  2. Those spider webs are so nice. I love it! amazing stuff


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