Thursday, September 26, 2013

Sleepy Hollow seems Headless Horsemanless.

Is it just me or was the last episode of Sleepy Hollow lacking I dunno... THE HEADLESS HORSEMAN? I mean he was in the first 2 minutes as a dream sequence but what the heck!

Let's face it, the thing that makes it Sleepy Hollow is Mr No Head!

Don't get me wrong. There is not enough cool dark shows out there and this is a show I plan to watch quite eagerly every week...but it is getting a tad weak.
Like the "ghost" of the dead sheriff having a full on conversation with her. The video tape "magically" correcting itself. Nobody noticing the dead body of the Deputy missing or the squad car he took.  Just seems a bit contrived. 

The last episode also had the RUSHED feeling to it that I noticed in the pilot. They are trying to fit in way to much back story in each episode... just my opinion, but I am dying to know what you all think.

Sleepy Hollow....Headless Horsemanless even in the advertising!


  1. I was moved by the first one, then it became "Buffy meets Reaper"... it was still entertaining and I will give it one more viewing before I lose my head.

    Jeremy H.
    Come Join my WRECKING BALL, it will be a SMASH...

  2. I'm liking it but I can't wait until it hits its stride proper. I don't want the Horseman in every episode, it'll get old quick.

  3. There is a lack of The Horseman, but really it's just the hook for the show. They set it up early saying he was just the beginning (with many more monsters to follow) and will likely be seen throughout the season arc. I don't know if you watched Buffy the Vampire Slayer, but it has the same build. The monster of the week for 75% of the show, and the "big bad" for about 25% of the show. The editing was a little sloppy but overall still really enjoy this show. There's a wicked and fun feel that's been missing on TV.

  4. I'M WITH YOU! I told my husband the same thing! As soon as it was over I said, "What the heck happened to the horseman?!?" lol! I mean, the witch was scary and cool, but I was a little disappointed that she was destroyed in the same show that she was introduced! That was just too easy! Plus, I would have liked to see her team up with the horseman somehow. And yes, it was very rushed! WAY too much info in one episode. I thought it was weird that Crane just suddenly remembered this random experience on the battle grounds, where he saw the witch and immediately connected it to the one in current day. I think that the whole idea of the witch was great, but I think it should have played out for a couple of shows.

    Like you, I'll be eagerly watching every episode, but I hope that they start spreading storylines out and having all of the monsters lurking around at the same time. I hope that this episode isn't starting a trend of introducing a new monster everyweek and also killing them off in the same episode. The series won't last past one season if they tie everything up in the first one!

    1. Supernatural started out the same way too. There was the Demon but it was mostly monster of the week. I still remember watching that pilot thinking there was no way it would last because it balanced the humor and horror so well.

  5. I understand from a show logic wants to spread out monsters, but if you want to promote a pawn to a Queen, (bring the witch back ) your not going to march it down the board by it self , your going to protect it with atleast a pawn(cop) or a knight(horseman. I know the army of darkness are trying to keep the end time quiet, but f the good good guys work together and the bad guys go solo than it's going to be a dull one sided fight

  6. I really want to like it, but it does remind me of Grimm, which I stopped watching during the second season due to the painfully obvious story lines. I think I'm just biding my time until American Horror Story and The Walking Dead fire back up next month.

  7. I got to say, mate, that as a frustrated semi-published author...all fiction is contrived. It has to be. Otherwise it would be madness trying to follow the stories. However, I feel you on the lack of Horseman, but I consider that in Irving's text he clearly states that Sleepy Hollow is a place given to all manner of haunts, spirits, and spooks. The Hessian was the chief spirit but the place was practically lousy with spooks, spirits, and creepies of all kinds.
    It currently has a sort of home town X-Files feel and why not? Imitation and sincere fiscal flattery is the rule of the day, is it not?


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