Saturday, September 7, 2013

Seasonal Shopping Saturday

We had planned to put up all our indoor decorations today in the Wicked Woods, but instead, we are heading out to face the hordes and shop for Halloween items before they are picked over.

 Decorations shall commence upon our return! I have a wallet full of coupons and an itinerary that takes us to Target, Walmart, Ross, TJ Max, Hobby Lobby, Big Lots, Michael's, Spirit Halloween, Halloween Express, Pier 1, Kirklands, Spencers, and Yankee Candle. Just over an hour away...not a bad day if you ask me. I am sure there will be a few pit stops for good eats...but today belongs to my beloved Holiday! 

M has already been looking over the local shops for items and found me some real winners!

Nothing says "I love you" like a weathered polystone skull! Am I right?

He even lights up....not sure if that is a plus or not.

The best thing she ever brought back was the "hear,see,speak" no evil skulls. These may stay out year round!

Happy Haunting all!


  1. I would definitely keep the see, hear, speak no evil skulls out all year round.

    I found some brilliant skull-shaped candles one year. The insides are filled with a red wax and when they're lit, the wax is supposed to melt and drip like blood down the sides.

    I've never aqctually lit one - I love them too much to use them : )

  2. Sounds like an awesome day!
    Happy hunting!

  3. The hearno/seeno/speakno evil trio would like keen with some candles melted to their heads.


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