Tuesday, September 17, 2013

The premier of Sleepy Hollow was Headless....thanks Comcast!

It was headless, armless, leggless... heck it was non existent to me. Why? because Comcast is a subsidiary of hell itself apparently. I came home to find my Comcast bill....it had nearly doubled! I called to find out why my basic digital service was so high. A very confused woman said she would lower my rate back down for me... Thanks... right? WRONG. I went to turn the TV on and had no picture but still had audio. Long story short, after being disconnected 4 times (once I was on hold for 54 minutes before they hung up) and 4 hours on the phone with tech support, it got fixed. The guy that fixed it took about 10 minutes and had a southern accent, much like my own. All the other tech wanted to send a technician out to the house...in a week! The lady who made the changes to my account just forgot...FORGOT... to add a 5 digit code to my account..... it would have taken her 10 seconds to do it right the first time, but instead, my entire Monday night was spent listening to the worst hold music on earth while I screamed obscenities into the phone.

Needless to say, the first cable competitor to come to my town has my business... regardless of price. Thanks Comcast for ruining my highly anticipated tv show premier!


  1. Oh no!

    You must be truly gutted!

    They should compensate you with a few months free or something.

    Hopefully you'll find a way of watching the first episode before the next one is shown.

    Good luck : )

  2. Awwww!! That does SUCK! I'm sure that they'll run the premire again :) You'll be pleased when you get to see it!

  3. didn't watch it either... i am sure someone will have it on line, check fox...

  4. Wicked, man, that is the suck.
    You missed an excellent premiere, but I am hoping you can catch up and be ready for next week. I was most happy with the show, and that's saying summat because I know the Irving text backward and forward and sideways and usually grit my teeth to point of cracking when a new work derived from a classic text is debuted. I did not this time. Oh, I marked every single difference from the text, but I told myself, Punk, this is not Irving's story, this is a new and exciting adventure series based on the best concepts of said Irving story and a shedload of other cool things. Which is was.


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