Wednesday, September 26, 2012

They are crawling out of the wood works... literally!

Just added a skull and two skele arms to a manhole located at the corner of the property. There is a green strobe in with him. Going to add some sound effects and maybe a fogger for Halloween night.

It's simple and effective. Hope there are many more props to come, but I am saving most of my creations for October 1st! I plan on doing some sneak peeks into the cemetery this year.

Want to win this prop? Well, you can't, you can win some great stuff though! Link HERE!


  1. Strobe and fogger will make that extra cool!

  2. i am coming to your house for the halloween this year... i always wanted to record an eye moving back and forth... then loop it with two tv sets... so the house would be looking at you....

  3. This guy is great, your right simple but really effective. I think we are going to give this one a try. Thanks for the idea!!

  4. Nice....a spider would be scarier....but that is just me. :)

    Great idea. Thanks for sharing.



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