Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Check out my wicKED interview courtesy of Jeremy at Retro-Zombie!

Head over to the Retro-Zombie blog and check out one wicKED interview. 

Jeremy also creeped out some pictures of M and I and did an amazing job. 

Courtesy of Retro-Zombie via courtesy of Something wicKED ;)

Thanks again Jeremy for the opportunity! 


  1. Read it yesterday, which is how I found your blog!

  2. Excellent interview! These words are now hanging on the wall of my summed it up perfectly my friend:

    "I fear not fulfilling my self before the end, and I regret wonders that I will never be able to experience after I pass. Maybe that is why I celebrate Autumn, death, and the supernatural to the extent I do."


    1. You humble me YET AGAIN! Thanks for your continued support :)

    2. completely great stuff! thank you for chatting!


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