Friday, September 21, 2012

Freaky Friday Fotos...err Photos!

#1 on my Christmas wishlist.

That is my dad AKA Doc Meade. WAY BACK in the day. He was the original mad Scientist of the family
I was the second.....
That is just wrong!............this yard DOES contain dead bodies!

Small head or big hat?

Somebody call Ghost Hunters... we have an answer!
Got my Halloween costume!

World's worst basketball team.

Ya think?

One of my favorite pictures. Autumn at night.

True Halloween fans skipped the Big Wheel and went for the BONE WHEEL.

That's gotta be haunted!

Zombie Buffet!

The last picture on the camera that was found on the horribly pecked body of Jimmy "Corn Nose" McGee.

Yes please.... I will take 2!

The ultimate anti theft device. Zombotron 2000.

If there is going to be a Zombie Apocalypse....might as well make a buck or two out of it.

Thank goodness....this would be an otherwise difficult conversation.

Proof that hanging out on the beach will kill ya!
Ummm.....errrr....I am speechless.

Very cool costume idea!

Beauty and the Breast....I MEAN BEAST!  Sorry!

Ummmmm I can hold it. 

Business is CRAZY! 

Only a true Halloween fan can say they get head on the toilet and not mean it dirty!
Aces and Eights....dead man's hand.
Ch ch ch Changes!


  1. Those are great! I love the bone bike, very cool.

  2. the basketball one made me laugh so hard... i have to post that somewhere

  3. OMG! Reaching for the tissue box...laughing so hard...your comments on each picture just sent me over the edge...sides hurt...I needed that...thanks:)

    1. I live to amuse ;) Glad you liked it! I can always count on you to catch onto my (not so) subtle humor!

  4. I'm a little perturbed by that basin full of brains...

    Like, what's the story there?

    1. I tried and tried to find a back story...I hope that is some kind of bovine brain!


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