Friday, September 28, 2012

Author and Blogger Annie Walls joins in as a contributor for the giveaway!

  Annie Walls, author of "Taking on the Dead" Sent me some goodies featuring artwork from her new book. These will be sprinkled into all the prize packs!
   If you would like to read her awesome new book, click *HERE* for details how you can grab it for your very own! While you're at it, check out her blog as well...just click *HERE* to be taken to it.
   As to the prize packs, there is still plenty of time to enter. Just head over via this link *HERE* and find out how you can win some AWESOME prizes.
  Also, as next week is the final week for entry, any posts, bogs, vlogs, interviews, pictorials, etc will carry DOUBLE POINTS! Enter often to increase your chance to win!
  Monday starts the Countdown to Halloween. 31 days of Halloween posts. Hope I can manage it with all that is left to do at the house. Make sure you check in often and check out all the great blogs that are participating. I was able to connect with over 45 blog last year due to this event and I am still a loyal reader of all.
  I will also be posting some sneak peek pictures of this years yard haunt on Monday to kick the season off right plus I have some projects I have completed over the last few days to post about.

Hope everybody has a wicKED weeKEnD!


  1. your giveaway is growing by leaps and bounds... i am worried about being able to keep up with the countdown to... i signed up two places. zoinks.


    1. I am trying to dig up another item or two to boot. Don't fret, next week is double entries and there is no limit to times you can enter!


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