Saturday, September 1, 2012

Wicked Woods Cemetery Now on Facebook and Pinterest (Insert shameless plug here)

I had been using my personal Facebook page for linking most of our yard haunt things too. Now, Wicked Woods Cemetery has it's own Facebook page!Click the pick below to go there now.

If you have ever gotten a chuckle, an idea, or genuine help from one of my post, please visit the page and "like" it for me. Feel free to still add my personal Facebook page as well. I am always looking to meet and interact with other great Halloween fans from all over!

I also have started a Pinterest group for Halloween things from both the Wicked Woods and many other great haunters. I also have boards for great party ideas, gross foods, and all things creepy! Check it out! Follow Me on Pinterest


  1. When I click the Follow me on Pinterest button I get "unauthorized"


    1. That is odd! Are you already signed up for Pinterest? Try the button on the far right side of the second column.


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