Monday, September 3, 2012

Happy Labor Day! Behold the fruits of my weeKEnD bargain hunting labors!

Opps! Wrong kind of bad!

  I hope everybody is having a fine Labor Day with little to no labor involved! Labor day signifies the passing of summer and the start of my beloved Autumn season. We start packing up the summer items and start dragging out Halloween from every nook and cranny. In a few short days we will have most of the interior decorations up saving the outside things for the last week of September.
 This past weekend was the first weekend in over a month I could call my own, so we went hunting for Halloween bargains... and boy did we find them. 

 We picked up this very heavy and large pumpkin at CVS Pharmacy. I was impressed at how well constructed it was and it came with it's own red colored light. It's fiber glass and looks like it will withstand years of haunts to come. It was originally 19.99 but we got a discount on it.

 A picture of M holding it to show you just how large this bad boy is.

Lily just liked the box.

He will fit in nicely with all the other jack o's we have collected over the years.

We also nabbed this little guy. He was 5 buck with a discount so how could I say no?

Next we hot Micheal's where not only do they have HUGE 30% to 40% off sales on Halloween and half off one item coupons on their website, but they also give teachers an addition 15% off their entire purchase. Thank you M for being a Teacher!

 Grabbed these little gems to add to the Awful Apothecary look. 

 Snagged our funkins for this year as well. We saved over 70% on them. M wanted to go with a white pumpkin this year... wonder what she will carve... hmmm.

 I am not a fan of glitter Halloween at all! Still, this spoke to me and it is pretty cool. If it get to me too badly, I can always redo it.

 I kicked myself for not getting on of these last year. I have had one for years and I put him in my pond over a fog mister. 

I plan on putting his counter part crawling out of our manhole cover at the corner of the property.

When all was said and done, we ended up saving almost 50 dollars at Micheal's. Kirkland's was our next destination and while I did not take anything from the store, I did leave with a huge regret. They had this very large oil and canvas picture lit from behind with yellow LEDs. 

The pumpkins even flickered. Even at $39.99 I was tempted to get this gem, but alas, I did not. I may have to go back and get it before the end of the season.... time will tell!

Ross's was our next target.

 Grabbed this whimsical sign at Ross for $2.99 which floored me because the same sign at Kirkland's was $11.99.  This is a sign I will leave up year round just for kick and giggles. 

M snagged these salt and pepper shakers at Ross as well. $2.39 was not bad and she has wanted a Halloween set for the table for a long while.

 From there, we hit the Spirit store. First off, if you plan on buying anything at Spirit, make sure you have a wallet full of the 20% off one item coupons with you :

I had 4 coupons and 4 people including myself. That's 4 items at 20% off!

 I got the Haunted Urn finally. I wanted it last year but they were $39.99 and the only one they had was a display that had several nasty gashes in the front. M had asked if they would come down on the price but the manager (who was a real witch) said no. I was pleased to see that they were only $29.99 this year which even beats out Grandinroad which is selling the same product for $34.99 and it's voice track was lame to boot.

 I was amazed to see LED spot lights for $16.99, I had been paying between $24 and $34 for them and these have the weather resistant housings, cords, and mounts to boot. They are super bright and a great deal for the price. I grabbed some black and blue lights, but they had almost every color in the Halloween spectrum. 

M had to have this awful pumpkin head prop. She just loved it. 

M also fell in love with the animated talking Medusa head. She will be a find addition to our interior party decor. Grandinroad was asking $69.99 for the same product (but with red glowing eyes and a lamer voice track). We grabbed her for $39.99 not counting the 20% off coupon! It really pays to shop around (plus I think Grandinroad are thieves and price gougers).

Can't wait to see her in action during this years wicKED weeKEnD Halloween Party!

 Speaking of shopping around for good deals. I was shocked to see Spirit's "Freaky Fabric" selling for $7.99! 

Especially since the Dollar Tree is selling the exact same product for $1!
Spirit was also selling bags of dried moss for 8.99 which you can grab at Dollar Tree for... you guessed it...$1. Please guys, do your homework before you start your Halloween spending!

  Last, but definitely not least, I came home to two HUGE boxes from The Skeleton Store!  Don't forget they are wholesale, have a clearance section, and offer a Home Haunter's discount!
While I will not reveal what I got from there just yet, rest assured it contains the bases for 10 unique props that I intend to further populate the Wicked Woods Cemetery with this year. Lot's of work to do, but I am sure it will be worth it!

When all was said and done, we averaged about 52% off all those items we purchased above. Hope you all find some wicKED deals this year. Just do your research and go prepared! 

Hope you all have a wicKED Labor Day!


  1. Nice finds! We were in love with the Halloween LED painting at Kirkland's yesterday as well! looking forward to seeing whatbyou got from the Skeleton Store. Thye are a bit pricey but the quality is real good.

    1. Thanks Mark! I hope I can squeeze in the time to finish all the projects I have on the board. I have already talked myself into going back and buying that painting....I just have to!

  2. really great items! really enjoyed seeing 'em all and can't wait to see what you do this Halloween!

    1. Thanks Pam! I am waiting to see the first teaser posts from your haunt as well!!!

  3. Where did you find the medusa head, all I can find are the ones with red eyes. Thanks.

    1. That comes from the Spirit store... they are a good deal cheaper too than the red version.


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