Sunday, April 1, 2012

Shockingly Sinister Shorts #2

*A husband enters the bedroom lit only with the light of dawn and slowly lays next to his half sleeping wife*

Husband: I know you are mad about last night, but I just want to tell you three things if you will listen.

Wife: Whatever! You have been out all night. I am sure you care.

Husband: First, I am sorry about that argument between me and your mother and father. It was wrong of me to get so hot tempered and I should not have said all those horrible things I did.

Wife: I am glad you are sorry, but I have never heard such language from you or my parents!

Husband: Secondly, I would never ever sneak over to your parent’s house in the middle of the night, strangle them in their sleep, then drag the bodies back home and set them up at the dining room table in some macabre poses while having their bodies hold signs saying, “We were wrong”.

Wife: Uhhh… ok…thanks for that. I think . I am..glad you would not do that. So …. what is the third thing you wanted to tell me?

Husband : April Fools!


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