Thursday, April 26, 2012

Shockingly Sinister Shorts #13

*A gardener from a local landscaping agency is working in a large flower bed in a client’s back yard when he unearths a human skull. Thinking it may be a joke, he clears off more dirt until he is sure he has found the remains of a human. He runs back to find his boss in the front yard.*

Frightened gardener: Boss! Come quick! I just found a human body in the flower bed behind this house.

Boss: Now calm down. What do you mean?

Frightened gardener: I just told you! It's in the flower bed in the very back yard! I was putting in a drip line and I dug up a body! Somebody killed another person and buried them back there. What are we going to do?

Boss: Well just be calm for a second. How big is the flower bed?

Frightened gardener: What do you mean how big is it? What does that matter?.... Oh crap! You mean there could be others buried there too? Damn! It is absolutely big enough for at least one more body Boss.

Boss: That’s good cause now that you know about all this, you are going to be that other body!

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