Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Shockingly Sinister Shorts #11

*A young couple are awakened from a peaceful sleep by the sound of their front door being opened and a large object slamming into the floor.* 

Startled Wife: Honey!?! Did you hear that noise downstairs? It sounded like somebody opened the front door.

Calm Husband: Calm down dear. That's just my brother.

Startled Wife: Your brother? It’s 3am in the morning. Why would he be coming in our front door at this time?

Calm Husband: I called him before we went to bed. He is bringing in the trash bags, shovels, and Duct Tape like I asked him to.

Startled Wife: Why would you ask him to do that?

Calm Husband: Now that is a silly question! How else are we going to chop up and dispose of your body?

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