Friday, April 13, 2012

Have a wicKED Friday 13th and Happy Birthday to my best friend.

   It is A special Friday the 13th here in the Wicked Woods. My best friend , Coach Toney, is celebrating his Birthday. Yep, you heard it right. My best friend was born on Friday the 13th. Funny how life works out sometimes.

Hope your party is wicKED!

   As a tribute to both the Coach's Birthday and Friday the 13th itself, I have decided to do a top 13 list.

13 things to avoid if your birthday is on Friday the 13th:

13 - Machete Factories

12 - Any present that seems "Chainsaw" shaped.

11 - The urge to run off from the rest of the party and head into a dark woods in your underwear.

10 - No fooling around with the opposite sex. It's like pheromones to an ax murderer.

9 - A weekend invitation to be a camp councilor. Especially if part of the uniform is knee high socks!

8 - Creepy old shacks in the middle of the woods. This is not the party you are looking for.

7 - Should you find yourself attacked by a hockey mask wearing mad man, and you happen to knock him out, resist the urge to look under the mask... IT'S A TRAP! 

6 - Inviting a bunch of hooligan teenagers to your party..... they attract machete wielding maniacs and they just die by the busloads (carpet stains!).

5 - Taking a nap in a canoe in the early dawn light on a peaceful lake.

4 - If your friend offers to take you for a ride in his boat out on the lake and the boat is full of chains and heavy rocks.

3 - Hockey Games.

2 - If a guy in a hockey mask ask you to "give him a hand". 

1 - Birthday cake shaped like "Mommies head".

And remember...everything is better with Bacon!
Except Friday the 13th!


  1. omg crispin glover and kevin bacon? i need to watch these again. lol

    happy lucky friday the 13th!

    1. This is becoming a trend between us. Happy 13 to you too!

  2. I agree with almost everything on that list, except I think I'd actually be kind of excited to get a chainsaw-shaped birthday present. I worry about myself sometimes.

  3. Very good advice, especially the last one.

    1. Always avoid head shaped cake.... just in case.

  4. The chainsaw I would love!! Tee hee!

    Happy Friday the 13th!!! YIPPEE!!!

    1. Me too... I did get him a machete shaped present.

  5. Very sage advice indeed... although there does seem to be a never ending supply of pesky teens with no basic commonsense whatsoever, thus ensuring the future of the slasher flick!

  6. Hahaha! This was a super fun post! :D Thank you so much for joining my blogfest! I hope you had fun and happy Friday the 13Th!

    1. Indeed! It was great! Look forward to the next one!


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