Thursday, April 19, 2012

Shockingly Sinister Shorts #10

*Two 12 year old boys take a break from trick or treating behind an old abandoned house that is reportedly haunted*

Bored TOT: Halloween is just boring anymore. There is no real creep factor or supernatural danger to worry about. Not like in the movies.

Imaginative TOT: I know what you mean. Like this house. Sure it is rumored to be haunted, but why? By whom? This town needs a legend to make Halloween more sinister.

Bored TOT: Yeah a legend! Something really horrible that happened here. People would always look at this old house and remember that the horrible event took place on Halloween.

Imaginative TOT: I have really done some thinking on this. How does this story grab you? A Trick or Treater lures one kid back to this house every Halloween night and brutally slays them with an ax. It will be scary because the legendary killer is just a kid in a costume. Nobody will know who it is or how they are dressed.

Bored TOT: I like it, but why is this murderous kid like that? What makes him tick? 

Imaginative TOT: Hmmm, how about this. The kid had a father that drank too much and beat him and his mother all the time. The father felt guilty so he would wear an old devil mask, like from the 50’s, when he would beat them. In the father’s mind as long as he wore the mask, it was like somebody else was beating them. On Halloween night, the kid is really taking a beating from this guy and finally breaks. He takes a hatchet from the tool shed and hits his father in the back of the head with it… while he is still wearing the devil mask! The kid is so messed up by these events, he starts wearing his father’s mask and kills a kid every Halloween with the same ax he used on his dad! Like when the kid sees other kids in masks, he is compelled to kill.

Bored TOT: Wow! That is great. You have thought about it. What happens next?

Imaginative TOT: Well, his mother would be grateful that the kid killed his abusive and crazy father. So, when she finds out that her son chops up a random kid every Halloween, she not only covers and protects him, but even helps him kill the kids. It all goes down right here in this abandoned house they used to live in.

Bored TOT: That is brilliant! Great idea, but how do we start this legendary tale? I mean how do we spread it and get people to believe it actually happened.

Imaginative TOT: I’m glad you asked that. Every story has a beginning. Tonight is as good as any night to start it. 
*reaches into his candy sack and pulls out a bloody devil mask and a hatchet*

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