Monday, April 16, 2012

Shockingly Sinister Shorts #7

*A husband and wife are sitting down to dinner. The wife seems distant and distraught.*

Husband: Cheer up honey. I made kabobs just the way you like them.

Wife: I know and you are really wonderful to do that. I just really miss my dog Fluffy. It is not like him to run away like this. I can’t even enjoy this lovely dinner you cooked for us. This wonderful food just seems bland and chewy to me.

Husband: Fluffy barked constantly and he bit me yesterday. I will not miss him at all.

Wife : Oh don’t say that, he was the sweetest dog.

Husband: You kept telling me all this time how sweet he was, but when it came time to prove it, he was just bland and chewy.


  1. Hubby Dave ordered kabobs last night at The Keg, I could barely watch him eat them without cringing and grinning. I had a giggle reading this post earlier that morning, I thought it was hilarious when he said, "They are a bit chewy", then gave me that one raised eyebrow look...too funny!

    1. ROFL! I love it. My mother actually told me she was worried about me when she read this. That must mean she liked it ;)


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