Sunday, December 4, 2011

On the fourth day of Creepmas, my ghoul love gave to me......

4 Cawing Crows

3 Witch Hats

2 Freddy Gloves

And a bat hanging from a dead tree!

Creepmas News

Arizona gun club offers pictures with Santa and his GUNS! Children of the world panic as they wonder if they are on the naughty list!

Fully loaded story HERE
A gun club in Arizona is cashing in on its members' fondness for their weaponry by offering them the chance to be photographed holding their armaments and their loved ones.
Visitors to the Scottsdale Gun Club can pay $5 - $10 for non-members - to be pictured with a pair of heavy weapons and a slightly nervous looking Santa Claus.
In the backdrop of the photos is a Garwood Minigun, which can fire up to 6,000 rounds per minute.
Revellers have a range of hand-held guns to choose from including pistols, assault rifles and the odd grenade launcher.
The club's website exhorts readers to "Get your holiday picture with Santa & his machine guns!"

This is just so wrong on so many levels.

Guns and chicks... that's the true meaning of Christmas!

Be good for goodness sake!

   That would explains Santa's new motto, "Be good or ELSE!"

"With the price of coal, I can't afford to give it to the naughty children. I guess they will have to settle for HOT LEAD!"

Top 13 Halloween Posts of 2011 Countdown

   I completely understand why this one would rank in the top 10 most viewed posts of the Halloween Season. Who wouldn't love to come home from a hard day's work and find Jason crouched and ready to attack in the bathroom? This is also one of my most commented youtube videos.

 Subtle Halloween revenge in the form of clearance Halloween merchandise still mixed in with Christmas at stores.

   We went Christmas shopping in Tennessee yesterday. I was surprised and pleased to see that many stores still had Halloween items mixed in with other Christmas Clearance. 

   The stores that unwittingly assisted me in my Creepmas revenge were Target, Micheal's, Hobby Lobby, Dollar General, Ross, TJ Max, Kirklands, and Big Lots. 

   M picked her up a new Santa hat for this year. While it is not creepy, I feel it is in such bad taste as to be Creepmas worthy:

Yes, she will wear it all December.

   I actually got some sweet Halloween/Creepmas loot. Australian Crystal skull candle holders:

   In case you are wondering about the background of this picture, it is our Holiday table scape. Here are some pictures of the dinning table all decked out and looking very un-Creepmas:


  1. rofl!!! omg---the gun thing is hysterical--the pictures even more so! thanks for another good laugh, my friend. also, M looks beautiful in her hat (but you're right, it sort of does qualify as Creepmas apparel).

  2. So much for peace on earth and goodwill toward men. Your right Ked - "so wrong on so many levels".

  3. What could be a better present than sitting on some stranger's lap and getting to point a gun at someone.. sheesh thanks Mom. I missed out on all the Christmas cheer. LOL

  4. Woah! Those gun photos are disturbing. We don't have the same gun culture in Australia, so I think it's probably even more of a shock. I've seen so much Creepmas altered art with scary Santas over the last few days, but it's interesting that the scariest pictures of them all are the ones that some families will display proudly on their mantlepieces.

    I love the crows a cawing! Miranda looks gorgeous in her dodgy Santa hat!

  5. What the....! Seems strangely off-putting that the guns are aimed directly at the heads of the people in the first two photos. Plain weird.

    Love the crystal skulls and beautifully decorated table, magical! You must have a growing collection of crystal skulls if the Vodka pair are included:)

  6. A gun toting Santa. Awww, it's putting me in the mood for the holidays.

  7. Buddy I like the way you guys have used the color blue in your decorating.

  8. Pam - Glad I could make ya laugh. You should see the headgear M got last night.

    Lady M - truly. be good or else!

    BeWitchy - Apparently both our mothers had no idea how to celebrate Christmas!

    Little Goth - Isn't that the truth? People think I am crazy for decorating for Halloween yet we have gun nuts that decorate their homes for the birth of Jesus with guns. Go figure.
    I like her hat too ;)

    art bliss - I did not show the pics where the guns looked to be pointing at the small children. I have 9 crystal skull items and hope to expand my collection with a few more vodkas.

    Adsila - I know right? Better get in the mood soon or you may get shot!

    Kelly - Thanks. I used to have an all blue tree back in my single days. M lets me still go wild with the "winter wonderland" part of the house in blue and ice tones.


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