Friday, December 2, 2011

On the second day of Creepmas, my ghoul love gave to me......

2 Freddy Gloves

And a bat hanging from a dead tree!

Creepmas News

Shoplifter uses ornament to stab her victim at a Christmas Fair.

Full story HERE

Guess if this woman is landing on Santa's naughty or nice list for allegedly stabbing a shopper with a Christmas ornament?
Police in Southington, Conn. claim that Ruth Wagnerused a holiday decoration to slash another woman while fleeing from a craft fair vendor that accused her of shoplifting.
The vendor became suspicious of Wagner, because a piece of jewelry went missing near where the 55-year-old browsed on Sunday, The Hartford Courantreports.
The merchant then saw Wagner allegedly swipe a seashell ornament and yelled for others in the crowd to apprehend her, according to The Courant.
A woman who heard the merchant's pleas for help tried to block Wagner's path, but the supposed shoplifter stabbed her in the arm with the pilfered trinket, according to Southington police. A fragment broke from the ornament and left a wound serious enough that the victim needed surgery, The Courant says.
Witnesses jotted down Wagner's license plate, enabling police to track her to her home, where they arrested her later that day. Authorities charged Wagner with robbery, assault, reckless endangerment, larceny and breach of peace.

   Wow, breach of peace during the most peaceful time of year. I wonder if she decorates her tree at home like this :

Top 13 Halloween Posts of 2011 Countdown

   Not sure why this post was so highly viewed. It was either the beautiful fall pictures of my home town or Jason Voorhees helping me do yard work.

   We are all decked out for Christmas here at the Wicked Woods. Here are some cheery holiday pictures of the outside of Ye Olde Meade Manor. A simple picture tour as you would approach the house and come up on the steps and then looking through the living room window:

   Such delightful pictures and decorations. Imagine if these warm holiday pictures were not taken by me, but rather I found them in my mailbox. Bound with string and containing a small note saying, "I see you when you're sleeping". What a dark turn these bright photos take!

Up on the rooftop I hear claws 
Out jumps undead Santa Clause 
Down thru the chimney with lots of teeth 
All for the little ones 
Christmas grief 

Please just go! 
Just lie low! 
Up on the rooftop 
Click, click, click 
Down thru the chimney with 
Vampire Nick 


  1. Must say I'm enjoying your 12 Days of Creepmas! Very.....disturbing...

  2. That's way I avoid christmas craft fairs!

  3. now that tree decoration gives me some ideas...

  4. I think I know one reason why #12 post was so interesting, we all wondered if you keep all your props in that innocent looking little building;)

    Your home looks magical, beautiful decorating!

  5. Yay! Love the Wicked Forest. I'm glad it was her picture that was taken and not mine. I've stabbed someone with an ornament before. It was an accident, though.

  6. Nice photos! I love looking at Christmas Lights -- thinking about going to Santa Land again this year (huge drive-thru light park). Cool vampire Santa!

  7. My, it's so hard to believe that Ruth Wagner could be violent. She looks so charming! (Wink)

    The Christmas lights are so pretty! You really are the king of holiday decoration!!

  8. Mark - Very glad to hear it! It has been a fun project for sure!

    Lady M - I agree with you. Much safer ;)

    Pam - hmmm not sure that is a good thing ;)

    It came from the man cave - Thanks buddy!!!

    art bliss - I should take pictures of everything packed up. In January it is packed to the brim with all 4 seasons. Thank you so much for the compliment.

    Annie - too bad it did not make the news. I would post it ;)

    BeWitchy - We have The Bristol Speedway in lights near here too! I have to admit I love lights as well.

    Little Goth - She is charming.... like Jason Voorhees mom! Thank you for that, although I have a helpful queen to help out with most of it :)


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