Monday, December 19, 2011

Night of the living ginger dead.

They are growing in number every minute!

They are Legion!

   We did manage to get a few traditional looking Christmas cookies out of cookie night :

   We made so many cookies that night, I think my mother lost her mind :

   The cat's were on their best behavior... which usually means they are charging up their batteries for a big evil plan.

Lilly actually decided to take a nap under her tree instead of climbing it for a change.

She is the official cookie taster.

Naughty but nice and also lazy.

She almost looks innocent sleeping there.

   It was a great cookie night that actually stretched over 3 days as we completed decorating them. We ended up with over 500 sugar, gingerbread, Ooey Gooey, and chocolate chip cookies. Not to mention 2 huge pans of peanut butter and chocolate fudge. As soon as we stopped for the night, Lilly (with fully charged batteries of evil), went on the prowl.

M happened to point out to Lilly that my mom had wrapped up some presents for her.
She loves presents
Maybe a little too much.

    Lilly was her usual naughty self and opened up one of her presents early. I am pretty sure if she could read, she would have opened up Archie's instead.


  1. Those kitties in their tee shirts are way too cute. Your living dead gingerbread men are a great idea. I am doing Gingerdead men for the folks at the morgue. I even bought black food coloring.

  2. I was down today and after watching the video of Lilly I was smiling and feeling better!

  3. Cookies and kitties!!! What a fabulous post!! The video wouldn't go past 1.29 for me so I didn't see whether Lilly finally got her gift unwrapped. She was certainly blissing-out over it though! Did it contain catnip?

  4. Your Mom is so cute!

    I am really liking the Legion cookies!

    Do we need a putty knife to get you all off the ceiling from all the sugar?


  5. I like the "Oh Snap" cookie. :) I swear, you guys have the cutest cat clothes too! I can't believe how many cookies you made. I got as far as making the red velvet cupcakes and rum balls. Tomorrow is cookie night!

  6. Lilly is such a toot! haha! The cookies look great


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