Wednesday, December 7, 2011

On the seventh day of Creepmas, my ghoul love gave to me......

7 Spiders Spinning

6 Buckies Hanging


4 Cawing Crows

3 Witch Hats

2 Freddy Gloves

And a bat hanging from a dead tree!

Creepmas News

Body of murdered woman found hidden under pile of Christmas presents. Santa named person of interest in case.

Full story buried HERE.
A 67-year-old Florida woman was found beaten, strangled and hidden beneath the Christmas presents in her home, and authorities have charged a younger woman who had been befriended by the victim.
Patty Michelle White, 40, of South Carolina, was jailed on on fugitive charges and expected to be extradited Tuesday to Florida to face murder charges, authorities said.

The body of Michele O'Dowd of Florida was discovered Friday by her twin brother, Phil Axt, who had gone to check on her at her home in a gated community after O'Dowd failed to show up for work.
The door was open and O'Dowd's house had been ransacked, Axt said. Chairs and tables were turned upside down. Her car and dog were still at home.
"I knew this wasn't going to pretty," he said.
A foot was sticking out of a big pile of Christmas gifts, Axt said.
   Conspiracy theorist claim she was framed by this guy:

She better watch out for zombies of Christmas past!

   One crucial bit of information has been overlooked. The fact that the poor woman who lost her life had enough presents wrapped to be buried under speaks volumes for her ambition. Most of us don't even have our shopping done, much less enough of them wrapped to hide a body.

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    This was a pretty popular post. More so than I would have though. Apparently there are a lot of sick people out there that like to play pranks at Halloween and I just have them new ideas!



  1. Hahaha...laughing too hard to think of any intelligent thing to say. TOO MUCH FUN!

  2. There are no words.....laughter - yes. Words - no.

  3. Not a fan of real spiders, but that picture is great, especially the gorgeous web! Oh man, where do you find these women?! Haha. Another delicate flower! My favourite picture is the one of Santa and his Christmas ass!!

  4. I read about that woman who was found under the Christmas tree today. How sad and gross. What is also sad and gross is that the killer in that picture is only 40. I guess crime can wear a person out. ;)

    I have to tell you that I found one of those Christmas light guns and it works great! It saved three sets of lights so far! :) Thanks for writing about how it actually worked, because I was too skeptical to try the gun before. I know how to test individual bulbs, and fix a string of lights. I'm just not sure how to test a whole string at once. You know how the gun is supposed to stop beeping at a bad bulb, when the string is laid out flat? My gun isn't making the beeping noise! Did you have any issues with that part? I might have found a different brand with different features, but I thought you might know what was up.

  5. not much you can say about the lady under the presents---very sad indeed. on the other hand, I really like the funny Santa pics!

  6. Seesh, you guys are rockin' some rough chuckles!

  7. wow, man. you find the craziest stuff.

    and I am one of the people who love the prank post. sickos.

  8. art bliss - I must admit, the last few pictures cracked me up too.

    BeWitchy - :)

    Lisa - haha thanks!

    Daph - I agree haha.

    Little Goth - I am a delicate flower magnet! I am rather fond of the ass picture too!

    Justine - I agree, being evil ages a person! The gun is a great tool. The feature you are talking about (beeping) has saved me 4 Net lights so far. If it will not beep, it may be that the entire string has an issue, which is usually the fuse that is behind a little slide door in the plug. Test it out on a light string that works to make sure the feature works correctly on the gun. Message me back if you have any other problems ;)

    Pam Morris - I agree it is sad, but I love to poke fun at the stupid evil people in the world. Glad you liked the pictures!

    Mantan - rough chuckles indeed....creepy chuckles sometimes.

    pensive - I do find some odd things. Nice to meet you fellow sicko!


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