Thursday, December 8, 2011

On the eighth day of Creepmas, my ghoul love gave to me......

8 Vamps a draining

7 Spiders Spinning

6 Buckies Hanging


4 Cawing Crows

3 Witch Hats

2 Freddy Gloves

And a bat hanging from a dead tree!

Creepmas News

Dad bites off other dad's finger at children's Sunday School Nativity play. The gift that keeps on giving is apparently not the bird!

For the full story, poke HERE.

A dad had his finger bitten off in a fight — at a school nativity play.
Parents waiting excitedly for their kids' Christmas performance were horrified as another father stormed into the primary school hall and launched himself at the victim.
They wrestled for a few moments until one dad screamed as the other latched his teeth on to his finger. The attacker then bit through the digit before "spitting blood out like an animal".
Teachers pulled the pair apart. The pupils, aged five to 11, were preparing in another part of the school — Harton Primary

   I think we have all been to a kid's play we wanted to ditch, but man, this is an extreme way to get out of it!

There is something strange about this gift, but I can't put my finger on it....

Maybe the finger is the new wave for Christmas?

 Top 13 Halloween Posts of 2011 Countdown

The vampire was ancient, highly intelligent, and controlled the minds of millions of children.... and our parents were happy about it!

    I am not surprised to see this in the top 10. This was one of my personal goofy favorites. It deserves to come in at 6! 6! Places Ah ah ah ah!

"I bought you a present, but I opened it already."

Nothing creepy about that... Nope..... not one bit.

"Ooops! Sorry girls! Santa shouldn't have had the "Speedy Gonzalez" lunch special at the Taco Barn!" 


  1. Too funny. What is wrong with people these days. Almost as bad as biting someones ear off during a boxing match!

    Merry Creepmas, V.

  2. I will really miss my morning break accompanied by your hilarious posts when Creepmas is over!

    My husband owns the talon ring on the hand of the sixth vampire. He bought it as part of his Halloween costume last year. He's never worn it while biting my neck though...darn;)

  3. I found myself studying the different techniques of the various vampires.

    I do not know what that says about me, but it cannot be good.

  4. LOL, I was looking at the bite styles, too. And wondering why one is biting the girl's shoulder!?!


  5. HAHA great post.. I love all of the pictures that you've found.

  6. Whoa - that guy must have some jaw to get through a finger! An ears one thing - no bones. But a finger? Insane!

  7. I was checking out the bite styles too, and that shoulder biter is a bit freaky! There's always one in every crowd, isn't there?!

  8. We can all guess who won't be nominated "Father of the Year" - thankfully the kiddies didn't see it. For the kid's sake, hope they don't live in a small town or they might hereon known as the kids who's Dad bit off a finger at the primary school Christmas pageant.

    Love the Christmas picture roundup. So true that retailers try to guilt us into spending all our money to try to prove to our family that we love them.

  9. I still love that picture with Edward getting knocked out by the Count. PURE WIN.

  10. Vivienne - That would never happen in real life ;) Merry Christmas to you too!

    art bliss - I will miss posting them too... I might still post some funny festive things. You can always ask for that for Christmas from your hubby!;)

    Pensive - I was studying them too when I posted them. You must be normal.

    Lisa - Variety is the spice of life... and undeath

    BeWitchy - Thanks!

    Lady M - I agree... must have been uber mad!

    Pam - glad you liked them. Thanks for reading!

    Little Goth - of course!

    Kathryn - sometimes the adults are worse than the children. I hate the commercialism of EVERYTHING.

    Kweeny Todd - Could not agree with you more!


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