Sunday, December 11, 2011

On the eleventh day of Creepmas, my ghoul love gave to me......

11 Zombies shambling

10 Ghosts a moaning

Werewolves howling

8 Vamps a draining

7 Spiders Spinning

6 Buckies Hanging


4 Cawing Crows

3 Witch Hats

2 Freddy Gloves

And a bat hanging from a dead tree!

Creepmas News

Ohio man breaks into residential home and pulls a reverse Grinch. He puts up the tree and decorates it while high on BATH SALTS! Both the Grinch and Bath & Body Works were unavailable for comment.

Break in and decorate your eyes with the full story HERE.

Now here’s a case of a crook with some Christmas spirit.

After breaking into the Henderson’s Vandalia, OH home, Terry Trent could have taken anything he wanted. But instead the 44-year old, who police say was high on bath salts, put up the family’s Christmas decorations. This might be the first time in history where someone pulled a “reverse Grinch.”

By the time the Henderson’s 11-year old son came home, Trent was sitting on the couch, watching TV and playing with toys. According to Tamara Henderson, when her son called to tell her what was going on, Trent was polite to her boy, telling him, “I’m sorry. I didn't mean to scare you. I’ll get my things and go.”
However, Trent wasn't able to get out of there before the cops arrived.
The yuletide bandit, who has a history of drug charges, was arrested for burglary, although the only thing he seems to have stolen this time was the electricity to watch TV. At least the family doesn't have to argue over who gets to put the star on top of the tree this year.

    That is just plain creepy to find some strange guy in your house, decorating and making himself right at home. How wrong can one person be? I mean, he cant rob a house right. He can't celebrate Christmas right. He can't be a Grinch right.... heck, he can't even do drugs right!

Top 13 Halloween Posts of 2011 Countdown

Undead couple make local news paper... Zombie Apocalypse on the horizon..

   We were super excited to see the great article written on the haunt in our local paper. Looks like the rest of my readers were excited too as this was the third most viewed post of the Halloween Season. 

   And now some Christmas Carols from Chewbacca :

   It has been a great weeKEnd for us. We got almost all of our shopping done and even squeezed in a birthday party to boot. Now it is time for Wrapapocolypse!  I must hurry off to wrap tons of presents, so I will leave you with some creepy Santa dolls and dummies.... enjoy!

"I see what you did there"

"Creepy Santa is #1"

"Wanna wrestle?"

The tag is plain dang creepy

"See you later... when you're sleeping.... muahahahahaha!"


  1. Ooooooooo, me likey creepy Santas....not sure if Archie and Lilly would like them though!!

    ROFL @ what you said about me keeping my rotted appendix...believe me, I tried but don't think the surgeon took me seriously that I wanted it.....LOL

    Great minds think alike!!

    Cheers to you and M!

  2. ugh *shivers* ... dolls in general give me the willies, but these... sheesh!

    Glad the burglar was productive and didn't hurt the family. Someone here (in another county) stole all of the toys for tots.. how low can ya go?

  3. Hahah @ Bottom middle zombie. Nice!

  4. Woah! Betcha the guys won't even notice that the second zombie from the left, on the top line, has a severed arm!

  5. Oh my, thanks for the laugh. Your right, what a dumbass. I think I might invite him over to take down my decorations. I can offer him homemade bathsalts.

    Merry Creepmas, V.

  6. LuLu - I will be starting construction on a fake appendix for you ;) Great minds do think alike.

    BeWitchy - apparently there are depths of low that we can only dream about.

    Dex - your the only one that noticed! lol

    Little Goth - WOA! Wait a minute... she had arms?

    Mantan - ;)

    Vivienne - LOL@home made bath salts. You could probably make him clean too!


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