Friday, December 16, 2011

It time for the annual cookie-apocalypse!

   Every year, for as long as I can recall, my family has gotten together and made hundreds of cookies and fudges for Christmas. I got a head start on it this year and have all the gingerbread men and sugar cookies baked and all we have to do is decorate them come tomorrow night. 

Naked gingerbread men!

   That will save us a ton of time and give us all the time we need to make fudge and home-made chocolate chip cookies. 

 Being so busy in the south, I am glad there are ready meals available for the Holidays.

We have our southern lights up and lit.

And we are ready to let our children sit on the laps of strangers who will ask them in great detail about how naughty they have been.....whether they want to or not!

Hope you all have a great weeKEnD!


  1. LOL, I love the lights and the look on the baby's face.

  2. more smiles and chuckles, my friend! thanks!

  3. gotta like those ready meals - that a funny picture.

  4. haha that deer is hilarious! Those cookies look delicious... and your gingerbread men came out wayyy better than my gingerbread poop :]

  5. ROFL! I see you have still been up to all kinds of things since I have been MIA!

    Ummmmmm, I am really loving those cookies...gimme gimme!!!

  6. Love your cookie and fudge tradition!

    One of our morning shows here has been showing a series of distraught children on Santa's lap each day throughout December. It's simultaneously awful and funny.

  7. We made cookies and fudge this weekend too. I like your fancy ones!


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