Sunday, August 28, 2011

wicKED weeKEnD Halloween Hunt roundup

    We headed out for another weekend hunt for new Halloween items. Heading back to Kingsport TN, we were hoping for some new blood. We were not disappointed.

   We started off at Target. Sadly, they only had a handful of the little items at the very front of the store for kids like small Halloween place mats, floor rugs, and books. They STILL had the back to school stuff out. Hopefully they will get the ball rolling soon.
   Heading next door to Michael's, we were surprised to see a few more items out. The Martha Stewart Collection has some really great items like amazing window covers (19.99 each) and bottle covers with clever Halloween stuff on them (9.99). It was a bit over priced, so I figured I would just go home and print out my own clever bottle stickers for a lot less. We did grab these :
  I am going to make a nice stand out of some drilled wood and paint it black. These will make awesome shot glasses or just glowing vials for ambiance. At 7.99 (with a 25% off coupon thanks to the nice guy who checked us out) they were a good deal. They also had their forever pumpkins on sale 30% off.
   Other finds of note were great cooking and baking items. They had a full 3d skull cake pan that Miranda almost grabbed.
   I highly recommend dropping by Michael's soon if your looking for Halloween stuff. Make sure to walk all around the store as they have things on dozens of end caps and isles spread all over.
   We completely bypassed Pier 1 and hit TJ Max. They had some merchandise out, but nothing to really scream about. I hope that as we get closer to October they will get in some more/better items.

   Big Lots had some of their stock out. Mostly just outdoor signs and some lights. They did have the planogram printouts stuck to the isles of back to school stuff showing there was some serious Halloween coming on the horizon. Miranda hit the clearance summer isle and nabbed these tumblers with matching stir sticks for the party at 50% off.

   They glow like crazy in a black light if you are into that kind of thing. I will be keeping an eye on Big Lots for more stuff.

   Expecting the worst, we reluctantly entered Hobby Lobby and was pleasantly surprised.  They had a whole isle, seemingly dedicated to Halloween, but it was sparse at best. I took two shots of the only two sections that appeared "full"

   I was glad to see some movement from Hobby Lobby. I hope the vacant spots are a promise of things to come. The Lobby did have 50% off glass ware and I picked some great things up like this humble candle holder (sorry for the poor quality):

   With 50% off glassware, we sealed the deal on some really cool "potion bottles".

   Ross had a few new things. The most notable were these HUGE orange and purple lanterns (see below)

   The lanterns were great but at 49.99, just a bit pricey. Miranda ended up getting 2 great items. The first was a really nice frame.
   When she adds the $1 lenticular picture she grabbed at Dollar Tree, she will have an amazing Halloween decoration  for less than half of what you would pay for at Michael's (12.99)

   The second item was an offering to appease the small demon who inhabits our home named Lilly. I am not sure she is pleased with it.
    While this outfit brings out her true nature, I think she failed to appreciate it. She mauled Miranda shortly after this picture was taken and then proceeded to create poltergeist like activity throughout the house.

   Kirkland's in the Fort Henry Mall had small section of mediocre items. Not sure they will get more.
   Spencers had nothing but one of the workers did say it was coming in about 2 weeks. Spencers had a great selection of Zombie posters that would look good on the wall of any party!
   We totally forgot to hit Walgreens....and it kills me after I saw a post about life size plastic skeletons for 30 bucks! We will be swinging by there soon!

   Not a bad haul, all things considered. We spent a total of 51 bucks on Halloween gear. Due to coupons, sales, and clearance we saved a whopping 61 bucks for that stuff! Hope we all see more items hit the shelves as we round the corner to September. Until then, Happy Hunting!
Lilly commands you to bow down or she will scratch out your soul!


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