Friday, August 19, 2011

Things that go bump in the night.....

   I always knew there was something off about the house. From the day I bought it there was a feeling I was being watched, as if the shadows in the corner moved and skittered. Always catching a glimpse of grey out of the corner of my eye .  At night, I would awaken to find the bedroom door or closet standing wide open, and other times, being awakened to the sound of those same doors slamming shut. I dismissed it and soon grew accustomed to it. Well,  as much as could be expected.

   When my girlfriend Miranda moved in, it got worse.

   Much, much worse. We noticed strange noises and strange smells. Items being moved about after we went to bed. Strange cries and knocks at the door in the middle of the night. Doors and cabinets opening and closing constantly.  We sought out professional help with our, seemingly other world visitors. They came and did tests..... performed ceremonies.....crawled into the shadowy spots.....yelled strange words into the darkness...... and took pictures..... lots of pictures.

   What those pictures revealed were both shocking and strangely relieving at the same time. It would seem we had an old grey ghost that had haunted the house for some time now.

Seeking out warm spots to curl in. This was our door knocker and our late night howler we had known for so long. The old grey man also seemed to have an almost stalker like fascination with Miranda and she often felt his presence when sitting alone. She always felt those eyes on her...constantly. For the most part, the old grey man was docile and not threatening in the least, but every now and then, you could feel his rage.... sense his anger....What was he angry at? Most likely the second entity to haunt this house.

   A small, almost demonic presence. Full of teeth and claws. It was strong....very strong. Most likely from lifting weights late in the night.

While it was small and definitively female, it was an aggressor, a predator. Stripes of fury and speed ran down it's being. This was the presence that had followed Miranda into the house. This was the mover of objects in the night. The skittering noises in the dark corners. The yellow eyes that watched from hidden shadows ready to pounce! This was what made the old grey man howl in frustration. This was the source of the unrest for all.

   Now that we know what haunts these halls, we are almost at peace with them. Luckily they seem to focus on each other often and,  at times, show us no trouble at all.

Other times it is an all out poltergeist like episode of cabinet doors flying open, knocking and howling, and object flinging about....  Now we can rest easy in knowing their true nature and purpose. They are actually a great source of entertainment and have taken on familial roles in our lives. We have even given them names. The old grey man we call Archie. The small ball of fury we refer to as Lilly.

   Over time, we have learned to live with our haunters, even embrace them. In fact, we would not have it any other way.




  1. Nice story! Great way to introduce the fam. Nice looking cats and your girl is a hotty! She can haunt my pad anytime! Keep up the good work mate!

  2. Thanks for the comments and the support. I fear that my girlfriend will be haunting this pad for a very long time to come! I do thank you for your support and please follow me as well as telling your friends.


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