Thursday, August 25, 2011

He knew he was doomed to search this earth forever for his heart's desire.... his flesh and bones will have long turned to dust, but still his spirit will mourn on.

I know this is lame but I was in a hurry.
   The economy is to blame for retail stores not putting out their Halloween merchandise early. Think about it. There are still boat loads of back to school items everywhere you look. Apparently dismal sales of these items are bottle-necking the flow of seasonal merchandise.  The good news is, most of it is on clearance and hopefully they will sell it down fast, making way for Halloween goodness!

   I do have a few updates for all you eager Halloween enthusiast.
   Michaels has their full Halloween stock out in stores. You can also go to the website here (Michaels), but be warned that it has very little online as far as the good Halloween stock. In stores (at least the one in Kingsport and JC) has a pretty darn great selection. We went there last week and found items such as :

Set of two cemetery columns with skulls on top of each and rusty chain hanging in the middle (foam prop) $19.99
Groundbreaking Skeleton pieces $24.99 (but I think CVS and Wallgreens will have it cheaper)
Set of three tombstones, (some looked pretty real but the poly stone are better) $16.99
Pollystone tombstones small, medium and large at all range of prices from $7.99 to $49.99
Lenticular  portraits in poly stone frames $9.99
Lenticular portraits with sound/light up eyes on motion/sound detectors $19.99
Smaller tabletop lenticular portraits (plastic) $6.99-$9.99
Large Spider Larva Balls!
Several large animated creatures.
   They also had the usual selection of great mood setting brick-a-brack, what-nots, and, unfortunately,  glitter,glitter, and more glitter (when did glitter become a Halloween item?) 
   I also overheard one of the workers there saying they had more stuff in the back they were putting out soon! 
  We picked up one note worthy item for 10 bucks... but there is now a 40% off coupon floating about, so I kick myself (just a little)

   If you really want some cheap lenticular pictures. Save yourself some cash and go to a yard sale, buy some old frames, and head to Dollar Tree for the pictures (or buy the frames at Dollar Tree and antique them yourself).
   Michaels always has several great children projects and other party/fun Halloween stuff so it is definitely worth your time for a visit. At least they have better stuff than Hobby Lobby(with whom I am sadly disappointed this year)
   This year, Michaels is wicKEDly ranKED at 3.5 grimaces.

   A fellow blogger has some great pictures from his local Michaels if you are curious. Head over to PUMPKINROT.COM and have look! Check out his blog while you are there, it's one of the best Halloween blogs out there!

   Pier 1 (Kingsport TN) also has their over priced Halloween merchandise out. It's mostly ornaments, glitter, table scapes, glitter, plates and bowls, and glitter. Did I mention they have glitter crap? Until Pier 1 gets better Halloween items and better prices, I will not even bother to rank them.

   Burke's (Wise VA) had one shelf of Halloween signs. Some were pretty cool. They had very large ones as well as some retro. Still nothing to brag about.

   Dollar Wise (Wise VA) Had a good deal of items. Lots of costumes. Lot's of party items. Tons of kiddie stuff. I hope they get more stuff in. They usually have some pretty great items, but so far it is not looking good. Still, I really like Dollar Wise for any holiday or occasion so it is worth your time for a visit.

    Lowe's (Wise VA) had mostly HUGE inflatable yard items. They had a few decoration that were cool including the usual selection of life size animatronic door greeters, candy bowls, and yard decor. They did have a selection of cheap ($9.99) monster heads that would thrash around and moan and groan when activated by sound. This would be perfect to attach to the inside of a coffin, hang in a spider web, or place in another hidden/closed off object to give it the appearance of something trying to get out. I plan on building a new coffin this year and I am going to re-purpose one of them to give the coffin the life!(or death? details coming soon). The one thing Lowe's did have were these great clay jack-o-lanterns($19.99). They were round, orange, clay pots, carved like a pumpkin, complete with a place for a candle or light. They had an almost retro look to them and I am beating myself up for not taking a picture or buying one.

   I have heard rumblings that stores in Johnson City such as Walgreen's,CVS, and Target have items on the shelves. If the wicKED woman and I get the time this weeKEnD, we may head over that way and search it out. I will try to take some pictures while we are at it.

   Get your credit cards warmed up, your debit cards primed, and keep on searching for Halloween! Good hunting!

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